Critique my diet

Hi guys I’m a 100m sprinter, pls critique my diet.
This is my usual intake:

7.30 - Breakfast - Udos Oil
All Bran and Porridge or Museli 80g

11 - Banana, Almonds (handful), Plum

1 - Tin of Tuna or 3 Turkey Slices w Houmous/ cottage Cheese, Wholemeal Pitta with lettuce.
Grapefruit and Orange

3 - Rest of grapefruit and orange, Plum.

5 - Apple. Udos Oil

7.30 - 300g Chicken, Turkey or Lean Mince. Sauce and Stir Fry 4/5 Veggies - Brocolli, Leek, Pepper etc.

Also take ZMA b4 bed and 1-2g of betagen afta training.

Nice diet, however, you may need more protein and would probably benefit from spreading it out through the day more ie. 5 protein meals.

To help answer better, do you weight train and at what time of day do you train?

Im currently injured at the moment but was weight training 2/3 times a week depending on what phase i was in, i weigh 165lbs and im 5ft 11in. I usually train between 5 and 8 in evening now becoz i work during day.

i agree with rich as you need to spread out the protein throughout the day and i would also suggest getting some type of fat with every meal. also, i would suggest more vegies, but honestly it looks great. how strict are you on following this, how long have you been on this type of diet and what type of results have you seen. what are your goals?

Yeh thats basically it but you could refine a little by adding protein and carb supps.

These are faily standard options. I have added explanations otherwise they can seen questionable:

Scoop (maybe 10-15g) whey protein with your breakfast to make the most of the the morning anabolic phase and bring it forward a little.

Scoop of whey before training for increased blood amino acid levels immediately post training.

30-50g Maltodextrin or similar during training to inhibit cortisol and thus provide a stronger GH response post training. Obviously CNS energy also if you ever feel weak.

2 scoops whey post training with 30-50g maltodexrin for the post growth/replenishment phase. Some athletes and bodybuilders take twice this much but then it would be better spread over the 1st hour; depends how much exercise you do.

Whey/casein blend before bed for the early main growth phase and the nights fast.

Reduce your carb and protein intake accordingly at other times.

Watch the creatine you are taking if you suffer from muscular injury, or not.

i would stay away from all the simple sugars you are ingesting via the fruit and fruit jucies. though fruits are healthy they cause a large insulin spike due to monosaccarides. insulin promotes triglyceride storage ie. you gain fat along with protein synthesis and facilitates cell membrane permiablity of aminoacids. if you consume sugars do it 20 min before the end of your workout it works as a great recovery agent when taken at that time with protein (i usually just use raw eggs) . if you cut the simple sugars out of your diet your gunna find that you have more control of hormonal repsonses and your bodyfat will go down. in a little over a month eating in the manner i gained 16 lbs and my bodyfat went down noticably.

James you are thinking along the right lines but its not quite that simple.

Those fruits really aren’t going to have much affect on blood sugar. They all have a low glycemic load (GL) apart from bannana which has a moderate load.

To put this in perspective, mueseli has a moderate GL and bread and pasta have a high GL.

GL is an accurate measure of how a substance affects blood sugar. It is different from the glycaemic index (GI) in that it also takes into consideration the serving size and therefore gives a more complete picture. The higher the GL the more likely blood sugar will be converted to fat.

The word sugar is misleading. Some sugars are absorbed slower than complex carbs but yes, after training you do want carbs or sugars that are going to enter the blood quickly.

Quick note on raw eggs, only about half of the protein is absorbed, forget Rocky, cook them.

im gunna have to disagree with you on your last point because of experience i didnt get the idea from rocky it was told to me by jay schroeder. now you are right about fruits not having as large effect on insulin as other foods but the fact of the matter is it still has an effect. and personally i want to have complete or as much control of my bodies hormonal an biochemical responses, being able to time this to occur when i want it to. again from experience i have seen the difference. if you read any physiology text you will see that breads and pasta or other starchy carbs are made up of larger saccaride chains which must be broken up before they can be used. fruits have simplier monosaccarides and disaccarides which once eaten cause a spike in insulin production. insulin production is not caused simply by the introduction of carbs it has to be monosaccarids and it is easier to break down disaccarids (which are found in fruits) than it is to break down polysaccarides (which are found in startchy foods). the GL is more of an indicator of potential blood sugar level and does not concern itself with time. i want to achieve a spike in insulin to drive amino acids into cells not draw out insulin production so as to promote triglyceride storage even if to the smallest degree. timing is everything especially with nutrition.

James, now your way off track. Its seems to me like you have read an old school physiology book, which doesn’t go into much detail about this subject, and then filled in the gaps with your own theories.

Firstly eggs, check the following. You can always visit t-mag yourself but this info is now widespread.

‘Just remember that despite how buff Rocky was, raw eggs suck, and we’re not talking about salmonella poisoning (although that risk does still exist to some extent despite improvements made by egg distributors over the last few years). According to a study found by John Berardi, the body can only utilize about half of the protein found in raw egg products. So not only are you risking getting sick, you’re wasting your money. Lesson: Cook your eggs!’ The editors of t-mag.

Yes I did copy them.

Re. carbs, you really need to read an up to date book on nutrition but to start with a good website on GI and GL is Click on ‘food’ for the options.

Your typically asigning mono and disacarides to one boat and longer chain starch mols to another and then purely explaining a rise in blood sugar re. time by the breaking down of the mols. Different sugars are absorbed over different times due to this but also:
-fruit tissue breakdown
-specific sugar absorption times
-conversion into glucose by the liver if necessary

GL is a real figure and a measure over 2-3 hours. Since it the area under the curve that is measured, a lower GL and GI figure show more stabilised and lower blood sugar responses, which do not entail large insulin spikes.

Fruit sugars in normal servings dont cause much of an insulin spike since they are eaten in small amounts and approx half of their sugar is fructose which has little effect on blood sugar. The fruit tissue also has to be broken down first, although fruit juices dont have much of a higher GI or GL anyway, usually moderate GI/GL at worst.

This shows why people who eat pasta gain more weight than those who eat oranges :smiley:

your first point while valid you must ask yourself in what context was it taken. when were the eggs consumed with what. i consume my raw eggs with a substance which produces an insulin spike and again you can go off of all the studies you want to but speaking form experience i have never gotten sick and i have GAINED 16 lbs in lean muscle mass in about a month eating this way. i think as athletes we really have to look at what context studies were performed because what applies to the normal seditary public does not always apply to us. i am a strong believer that intense athletic training requires the individual to ingest substances in differing degrees than a normal person. i know people who eat upwards of 80 raw eggs a day and have a blood cholestorl level of 105 and they have been doing this for 30 years (a little off the subject but just to point out that because of training the bodies physiological needs are different). another thing t-nation is a nice site and all but alot of those articles are crap or very narrowminded. just cause you read it there doesnt make it true. but thats bside the point. raw eggs work, i know, ive seen the results, not to say other sources of protein wont work either, but 16 lbs in a month with no supplements, not one stop to GNC is pretty impressive especially since people take everything under the sun trying to get bigger and stronger when they dont address the biggest nutritonal defeciet their diet. and its funny that some of these people think they are eating properly when in reality they arent so inturn they turn to a pill to make them better, one to make the taller one to make them smaller yada yada yada. but i digress. now to your second assertation, i never stated that fruits in a normal servoing would cause an insulin spike what i did say is that the simple sugars would have an rather immediate effect on blood sugar levels which they will. we use do down honey before a football game or a track meet for energy. its the same thing it gives u a boost of energy just like candy but in the case of fruit it is healthy and not such a violent change in blood sugar levels. what i did say is that i want to control to the greatest extent my insulin levels and i can accomplish this for the most part by taking fruits out of my diet and only using simple sugars strategically (forgive my spelling) throughout my day to elicit the effect i wish for now that occurs 20 min before the end of a workout at which time i ingest raw eggs with one serving of kool-aid sounds nasty but it the taste grows on ya. this provides the insulin spike when i want it how i want it and under what conditions i want it. eating this way has provided that i gain lean muscle mass while losing bodyfat (yes it can be done). but people dont want to eat like this cause along with that you have to eat copious amounts of veggies vegetables are my main source of carbohydrates even though they are greatly composed of indigestible cellulose (im regular as all hell crappin 5 times a day). for every portion of protein i eat i eat 3 portions of veggies what ever they may be. once again i have to say it again ive seen the changes eating like this have on my body. 16LBS OF LEAN MUSCLE MASS WHILE DECREASING MY BODY FAT IN ABOT A MONTHS TIME. if you think its extreme it isnt it is how athlets should be eating to control their hormones. its not just what you eat its how you eat and when you eat. if you think this is a little out there ive got a diet that you wouldnt believe but it would only be useful if my training intesity was high enough. again you eat in response to the desired effect.


no disrespect, but you are seriously out of touch.

My energy is up.

and here i thought we were having a healthy discussion. i have no problem respectfully discussing these topics a matter of fact i enjoy it. it weird that you didnt respond to my comment but instead try to discredit me by simply stating i am out of touch. i would have rather you have found flaws in my argument that way we could have continued our discussion. i thought u were making some intersting points and i was attempting to make you see my point nothing i said was illogical or contradictory to modern thought and themes of physiology. what i believe happened is that you could no longer defend your position, it is rather hard to defend against a person saying that they gained 16lbs in a month using methods that you yourself dont agree with. whatever the reason if you feel that we can continue the discussion i would like that otherwise please reframe from implying insult. we are all here to learn an advance the knowledge of our give passion.

James, sorry if it sounded harsh, certainly wasnt meant too. Ive studied this subject in thorough detail both being at uni studying sports science and nutrition and with personal interest. I reckon ive given enough evidence that is quite sound and complete and really cant add anymore.

However, what works for you works.