critique my beginner 40 yd, 5.4 seconds

I’ve basically finished the GPP I series from Charlie. It’s been a month off after a knee thing and everything if feeling good now.

I took a video of my 40 yard on a track…don’t have an exact comparison from before. after counting the frames and such, it came out to 5.4 seconds. The Quicktime, frame by frame, is available for download from this link.

any ideas on how to speed this up? Obviously I’m slow but I want to work hard to get faster. I notice I’m heel striking on this short sprint. field sports is my thing so short distance, acceleration is what I want to improve. Deadlift 405, Full squat 310+, 31 age. Thanks!

Well the first 20-30 meters I did not see you drive hard enough and you just popped up. Keep your head down longer and really pump those arms.

As far as the end of the 40 just let your speed wind down on it’s own… You looked/sounded like you were trying to use your muscles to slow down after the 40; don’t do that, just shut the power off and let your body come to a complete stop on it’s own.

hard deceleration, you can hear it in your steps.

Can’t see much of your acceleration mechanics only really the part where you slow it down. Steps look pretty quick at the start but not powerful. Take big powerful steps, not small choppy ones. Difficult to see whats going on when you’re upright, sounds floppy, if that makes any sense.

If you’ve ever used its a good place to upload running videos. The slow motion and frame by frame tools are built right in, so we could check it out in a little bit more detail.

It is hard to see the acceleration well from that angle. It would be better to get a side view during acceleration as well as a closer front and back view.

Some of the problems that I see during the latter part of your run is that your heel strikes the ground well in front of your COG; i.e. low hips. To begin to correct this, I would continue to get stronger with weights, continue sprinting and work on some plyos. As you continue to get stronger and better at absorbing and producing force, your initial strike should move closer to your COG.

Thanks for your advice. I’m biased to listening to advice like this…get stronger and my form will change to what it needs to be.

I’ve posted my vid on Elite track as well and I’ve received one comment about too much anterior pelvic tilt and not enough knee drive. I was recommended to think about tucking my hips under and engaging my abs when running. Lengthening my starting strides as oppose to the short quick steps I’m taking at the start.

One earlier post commented on I really need to pump my arms…when I was doing hill sprints, I found that if I really tried to pump up the hill, it didn’t make it any faster…actually sometimes slower. If found that if I stay relaxed and let my body move up the hill, I got the same time if not faster.