Critique my 100m!

I’m nearest the camera, in yellow.

You need more contrast speed workouts. :wink:

Its always hard in full motion using camera.
but lets see
1 - Arm appears to break 90deg at bottom of hips and continue driving Backwards. Once its at hips, thats the end of the arm action.

2 - You appear to have No hip height (at least in the middle part where you closer to the camera)

3 - Your foot is landing Way too far in-front of yourself. - Giving a slight impression that your Sitting. Esp when you pause. This also will cause Lack of hip height.

4 - Your knee lift is way too low. Your upper thigh should be at least 90deg off your chest, its more like 120deg or so…

5 - your 1st 10m or so seemed fast, but way too far away to really tell. Best footage is around when you reach the big blue jump mat

6 - again, arms, they appear to not be getting up high enough, look to be getting to around nipple height or so.

Sweet man. Dont work on everything at once. Concentrate on one thing at a time till your get it right, then move on. I think, once you get it right, you’ll be running Sweet.

LOL! This was after a month back in training- 10.78. The winner is a 10.4 guy.

Thanks! My form is very messy in races, but I can get it pretty good in training. Espiecially on the long jump runway. I find it difficult to use good MaxV mechanics of a maximal acceleration, after a submax accel I get my knees and hips up. Also my SE is CRAP (as you can see!)