critique if you want please

So I decided to make up one of these things to organize everything I have been doing.

Monday - Tempo
Tuesday - Speed
Wed - Tempo
Thurs - Speed
Friday - Tempo

On Tempo days I do abbs (core) and I lift on speed days. My progression so far has been fairly good

tempo - 1400, 1500, 1600, 1500, 1600, 1700 1700, 1800, 1600…
Speed - Roughly 300 - 500 meters depending what I do. 3x(3xFly 30’s) w/ 20m fly - in
or i do 2 x (50,40,20,30,10)

As for lifting I have been doing upper body of tuesday and lower on thursday. But I may change that to 2 full body days.

yesterday was a good day. I went for a run on the trails (I know not tempo). there were a fair amount of hills so it was a good work out.

Abbs - total volume 500
2x 50 - Ball Crunches
2x 50 - hanging leg raises with 10lb weight
2x 50 - Bicycles
2x 50 - trunk twist with 25 lbs wight
2x 50 - over head toe touches with 10lbs weight

today its pretty crappy out and the indoor track is being used so im SOL friggin girls field hockey they suck anyways. I may just go do some more hills but at a harder pace going up (70-80%) and either walk or lightly job in between.

well I ended up doing a mile jog on the trails… and I friggin fell down the first hill :mad: . oh well i guess provided much entertaiment for my friend… we did a total volume of 500 for abbs as well

Today was kind of crapy weather again… cold and wet. I think im going to hit the indoor track then get a heavy lifting session in

Squats - 5x5 (with 10 rep max weight)
Leg press - 3x10
Calf Raises - 3x10
Leg extension - 3x10
Single leg leg curls - 3x10
Hip Abductor - 3x10
Hip Adductor - 3x10
Walking Lunges - 3x10
Alternating lunges - 3x10
Straight leg dead lift - 3x10

I had to stop training for a few days because I had surgery on my chest ( I had a lump the size of a quarter next to my nipple removed) so I took it kind of easy… but training again soon