critique for better than avg. nutrition

All posters here are better than average to say the least. In fact most are quite beyond the novice level, and in most states average athletes are uninformed re: training or nutritional aides.
We alas are merely better than avg.:

Please comment if so inclined on our choices:

1)Twin Lab Ultra Fuel: carb drink
100grams carbs, - we use it for before, during and after training and meets where recovery between rounds or events is desirable.
Good taste; no artificial sweetener such as sucralose.
I imagine it is better than gatorade, since it has more nutrients.

  1. BCAA some gnc capsules:
    We take these around the workouts and meets.

How does ICE compare (I know it has glutamine) and Importantly, how is the taste of ice?
ICE has sucralose;;;
I havnt tried it, and am wary of the taste of too much sucralose… we’ve found that sucralose heavier whey powders are hard to palate. It has a bad after-taste to me.

  1. I have ordered some CYTOFUSE: looks like a pretty good post work recovery drink…
    does anyone know if it really tastes good? again sucralose…

  2. 100% whey (gnc) we use it for protein supplementation, as Joe is lean, and we like the taste… it has only a small amount of sucralose. We tried other gnc whey powder mixes and gave them away due to sucralose…

I love sucralose!

Maybe it wasnt the sucralose that I didnt like previously after all, but something else. At any rate we got the cytofuse, and son of a gun Herb, we both like the taste fine!

STill havent heard any response about high carb ultrafuel 100g /serving. Should it be used sparingly like before big workout and after, but not during?
Cytofuse is for after big workout, so… does uf have a place?

Cytofuse is awesome!! Consider varying the serving size of Ultra Fuel because 100 grams could be pretty heavy and too much after easier workouts. I believe the 100 grams/serving is equal to 4 scoops so just approach your serving size with some common sense. Perhaps just 1 scoop or 2 most of the time? …