critics are welcome

Hello all,
Please feel free to critisize my start as i am looking for improvment.Your response will be greatly appreciated.

Hey, how much % are you putting into that race? You dont seem to be trying much. Secondly, I have a gut feeling that you are “over-focusing” on trying to nail the proper technique and not letting it just flow…I could be dead wrong, correct me if I am please.

You are right.That’s all i have been working on and i always get upset if i miss something like not getting my knees up high enough.

I agree with Daniel. I often tell my guys “don’t think!”. Thinking or focusing on more than 1 item often screws people up (slows them down).

Is your back block more vertical than the front? It should be at least a notch more vertical than the front block so it’s kinda like / |.

I wouldn’t worry about knee drive early in your acceleration. I’d just think “PUSH PUSH PUSH”. You look like you are reaching just a little bit too much with your left leg coming out of the blocks.

I think the GPP DVD would help you out alot! After going through Charlie’s GPP training, I find that most peoples’ acceleration and block work is very sound right off the bat because they are well prepared from the simple non-technical drills (starts from pushup position, med ball dives, etc).

How long have you been working on it now? While running, try to “feel” the technique instead of trying to “think” of the technique, dont try to force anything but continue working on it, doing common drills, workout, start offs etc basically try to “imprint” it into your muscle memory and it soon becomes second nature and you are able to just feel it as i said before. When that happens, you will execute proper technique without really thinking about it and running fast will feel so easy.

P.S. Mortac8 I noticed that over extending thing too.

I have been working on it quite a while now.Thinking as been my problem because i don’t to miss anything but i will start working on trying to feel the technique.Thank you all for the input.I hope i have enough time to prepare for my first meet in january.