Cressy vs. Davies

Place your bets for what promises to be a good opportunity for either candidate to advance their careers. In this dog eat dog world, who will prevail?

Lets wait and see!


I voted for John Davies! Why you ask? Because that guy is the biggest bullshitter I have seen in my life and lets face it, some of our neighbors to the south just aren’t that bright! I said some not all, and you can convince some of the people some of the time but you can’t convince all of the people all of the time! Whether It be CF’s statement that Davies did not coach Ben or whether it be Davies statement that he did! Not everyone will be convinced either way and with Davies he has diversified himself with many athletes and organizations so that even the ones he did work with (bc of his bullshitting about BJ) will lead other enthusiastic organizations who will want to hire the next big thing. Problem is that they don’t know he is the worst big thing! Look at CP and his bullshit about BJ! The reason smart stock holders diversfy their portfolios is bc if one stock is doing bad the other ones are not and in the long run the price of everything goes up so that people who don’t sell right away but wait it out in the long run, will see their stocks rise astronomically! Its like putting your eggs in one basket which Davies has not bc a coach generally will believe someone like Davies (how many employers actually check out your former references and where you worked? Answer almost none!) and if finds out that Davies lied about half of his stories yet told the truth in the other half then the employer will probably figure that the guy did train everybody he said he did even though the employer just learned that the guy was full of shit! Why? BC people like to rationalize things and they can’t see why someone would lie about BJ and tell the truth about Cleveland Browns or whatever team Davies did coach. Point is that a good bullshitter will usually have some truth to him so that he hide his lies and lie even more in the future!

“Stupid is as Stupid Does”
“The reason democracy works is bc voters don’t know now which brand of bullshit to believe! You have to vote for somebody!”
“People always want to believe that the grass is greener somewhere else”

I got a question for those teams that hired John Davies bc of his alleged association with BJ, “Once you found out that JD was a Fraud why did you not hire the real thing CF? I mean you were willing to believe that this bullshitter could coach the world’s fastest man, do you think that the real coach could not?”

I hope both of them do well, Coach Davies had better get his game in line if he hopes to pull out any sort of win here (holy cow, i’m sounding like a sports announcer)! Should be fun and informative, we here at always enjoy a nice slaying!



Rupert, can we get the link to the debate posted at the top here in case anyone has trouble finding it in the Davies thread?

When Davies loses can I have my girlfriend (a graphic designer) do a drawing of him being kicked in the a$$!!

Yes, but close proximity allows for the opportunity to spread stories about your sex life.;jsessionid=0EB5029916FF6A32896718525088ECAB.titan?id=552432

For the Think tank this Monday,

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After I get done, I’ll open it up to discussion.


Awww crap. I was rushing through things as usual, and accidentally hit Davies instead of EC. :eek: Please change my vote.


We can’t change your vote, (and a good thing for Davies because your mistake represents 50% of his votes!).


To re-cap so far. Davies has two votes. One by mistake and one given because he was able to duck and dodge and avoid answering Cressey’s questions for the entire time. (I guess the point was that Cressey had the unfair advantage of being in possession of the facts.)