creatine solubility

Does anyone know exactly when creatine starts breaking down into creatinine (sp)? Would mixing it with water 1 hour before ingestion lessen the effect?

they have the studies. Read, and let us know. :slight_smile:

without even reading that study. from the research i have done it appears that creatine is not soluble in liquid form and minutes after mixing it it must be injested or it is no good.

"Yes, you can. Dissolve Creapure in liquids such as water, fruit juice or tea. 5 g can easily be dissolved in 500 mL of water at room temperature or in a cup (app. 200 ml) of hot tea. Please prepare beverages fresh and consume within the same day.

Creatine is just stable for a limited time in aqueous solution due to a degradation into Creatinine. The speed of degradation is:
dependant on the pH (the lower the pH the faster the degradation)
dependant on the temperature (the higher the temperature the faster the degradation)"

I believe that after 72 hours you are wasting your time taking pre-mixed (in a liquid) creatine.