creatine questions

i am going to use creatine during the next maximum strength output phase. I will be working out 4 times a week and so i will use creatine to handle the extra volume.

whats the difference between powder, tablet, and serum (liquid) forms of creatine?

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although i am strongly against creatine for sprinters here is my advice if you wrere to use creatine.

Powder is the best (best absorbtion) just make sure you mix it in a high glycemic drink to get an insulin spike. Mix it with a juice or a sports drink such as gatorade but dont mix it with orange juice because of the acidity.
The liquid (serum) form of creatine is a scam because creatine is not stable in liquid form.

HEy quick,
When you say “creatine is not stable in liquid form” do you mean, that creatiine, just becomes broken down into useless (with respect to performance) particulates in the body (or prior to ingesting)?


does cordial class as a highly glycemic drink? hehe

thanks tim,

what about tablets

prior to ingesting.

Tablets do not absorb as well or as quick as powder does.

Check this book out!?

“The Physiological Basis of Physical Education and Athletics”, divided the running requirements of various sports into the following “energy pathways”: ATP-PC and LA, LA-02, and 02.
By D. Matthews and E. Fox

Energy Pathways

Duration Classification Energy Supplied By
1-4 seconds Anaerobic ATP (in muscles)
4-20 seconds Anaerobic ATP + PC
20-45 seconds Anaerobic ATP + PC + Muscle glycogen
45-120 seconds Anaerobic, Lactic Muscle glycogen
120-240 seconds Aerobic + Anaerobic Muscle glycogen + lactic acid
240-600 seconds Aerobic Muscle glycogen + fatty acids

Book Definitions:
ATP - Adenosine Triphosphate : a complex chemical compound formed with the energy released from food and stored in all cells, particularly muscles. Only from the energy released by the breakdown of this compound can the cells perform work. The breakdown of ATP produces energy and ADP.
PC - Phosphate-creatine : a chemical compound stored in muscle, which when broken down aids in the manufacture of ATP. The combination of ADP and PC produces ATP.
LA - Lactic acid : a fatiguing metabolite of the lactic acid system resulting from the incomplete breakdown of glucose. However Noakes in South Africa has discovered that although excessive lactate production is part of the extreme fatigue process, it is the protons produced at the same time that restrict further performance
O2 means aerobic running in which ATP is manufactured from food, mainly sugar and fat. This system produces ATP copiously and is the prime energy source during endurance activities
These energy pathways are time duration restricted. In other words, once a certain time elapses that specific pathway is no longer used. There is some controversy about these limitations but the general consensus is:

Thoughts forum?

i hear all that but there have been numerous reports and i know from personal use that creatine causes water retention. And you said it yourself in another post theres nothing worse than trying to sprint when feeling bloated and that is how i feel when i take creatine. But i suppose everyone may react differnt and you just need ot see what effects it has on you.

i’ve seen studies that show creatine to be very promising… however, what happens when you stop taking it? i’ve spoken to people who said that when they stopped, their bodies either rapidly returned to the way they were before, or even became affected by bloating.

where is the dehydration component in all this?


I would also like to mention a study a saw on hatfields site that claimed creatine should be discontinued for 1 month to return levels to baseline. And that longterm use is not effective unless this one month rule is used from time to time. It seems it would be smarter to use creatine during the main buildup phase and back off during competitions. Thoughts. Also…Dr.squat sited the information very important but did not care to comment.

I have another question also. What can be done to prevent bloating from creatine. And if hydration is done properly will this eliminate bloating. From my own personal use this stuff definently helps. Anyone else.

There was a lot of interesting stuff on creatine use on the old site with various protocols -

the overall concensus being not to load as suggested by manufacturers and to use dosages of 5g per day normally - then drop to 2-3g for competition - this would avoid problems with water retention and cramps - which can also be a problem with high dosages of creatine -

someone ( I forget who ) said that they cycled creatine for 2 weeks on two weeks off to avoid damaging the bodies natural ability to produce ATP - and this is what I intend to do - but mainly because I’ve found that u can feel it building up inside ur body .

I just used creatine again for the first time in years over the last 2 weeks of competition and with the amounts suggested by Charlie I’m sure it helped - I just felt I had more strength at the end of races and was definately able to recover quicker than before during reps of weights or runs in training .

I’m going to continue to cycle 2 weeks on / off when I return to training - thing is which two weeks would be best - first 2 or 2nd two ( of a microcycle )
I’m guessing 2nd two weeks -
And don’t forget - spoon it in and wash it down with water - yuk lol

There is something about creatine that makes you thirsty more often then w/o using it, so if you do not drink enough water while cycling it you will be dehydrated. However, if you drink too much it will be retained and cause that bloating feeling Quik refers to.

Good summary of previous posts on creatine on the forum,
I have been using creatine straight for at least six-seven years. Trust after longterm use you notice certain things. I believe the study implied that if you dont take a break from it once in a while, then your not completly benefiting from its effects. I belive the study showed how after a certain peroid of time peroid you will not benifit as greatly with continous use. The muscles are too saturated and need to be set back to normal levels to start to see the effects again. Do I agree? Im not sure. Any comments on the study. I believe the study may be correct. Thats all Ill say. Ill see if I can get a copy of it. Goodtimes. Anyone other thoughts on this subject.

Is there a link to that study?

good question.

The study was on fred hatfields site…but the forum doesnt really have archives, at least not yet…
Maybe drsquat could repost the data. Ill ask him today.

Thanks you Tim.

Your welcome I just posted hopefully we’ll get a reply.

It’d be nice.

Has anyone used the buffered creatine, Kre-Alkalyn? If so, what are your experiences.

4 times a week in a max strength phase? I think asking about creatine is the least of your worries.