Creatine In & Out

Does anyone agree with the fact that creatines in & out intake works a lot, maybe better than in & in intake ?

R U referring to cycling it ? I’m not sure I understand - if yes - I’m not decided at the moment - powders possibly yes C10 possibly no.

Not exactly a cycling but a interruption cycling.
For example, i´m taking creatine ( weekly cycling )
3 days in
1 day off
2 days in
1 day off
i´m following this cycle for 3 week + - ,
basicall i don´t take creatine for rest/recovery days.
So, today, for disease motives, i prefered not take creatine for train,
and i set two PB ( - 1.1s for 200m and .29s for 150m ).
I remember that last month, happened the same with me,
i trained just 1 day without creatine intake and my performance shows better.

Sounds like a good idea to me - I miss it out on days off too and Charlie has recomended dropping it on comp days in the past.

Do what works 4 u - u know ur own body best. What do u mean by desease motives ?

LOL, nothing serious ( tk god ) last night i had diarrea !!
I made a “train” session of Sit-Ups in a sanitary vase - 5 times in 3 hours… :o