Creatine in long sprints

Does Creatine have any value for a 400m race or a 200m race?

Yes - its a lactate buffer

It’s a H+ ion buffer. Lactic acid immediately dissociates into lactate and H+ ions. It is the H+ ions that cause problems in the muscle. Creatine can bind H+, thus acting as a buffer.

Smart ass :mad:

Okay David - you got me! But I get really tired of hearing about lactate all the time.

How much and long should someone use creatine to see results? Will creatine cause water retention?

Creatine can cause water retention. Many athletes don’t like it for this reason. As for how long to see the effects, check the archives, I´m sure that there are threads about creatine that may help you. There are some people who are non-respnders to creatine. Also searching with google on the net will probably point you in the right direction as well.