creatine in food

My aim is to get all my nutrients through my diet, rather than resort to supplements etc. Does anyone know which foods are the best choices based on the amount of creatine they have in them? I know that 1/2 pound of beef has 1 gram of creatine, but what about various types of fish, chicken or other foods? thanks.


I don’t understand why you would want to do this? For an elite level athlete, I don’t think it is possible. If anyone has examples, I would be interested.


How about Bob Hayes.

Herring has 4.5 and Pork is 2.5… getting it through food is not my idea of a smart plan.

I once thought the same thing. Of course, I’d still take my multivitamin. Oh yeah, but then what’s the point of not taking any other supps?

A specialized lifestyle seem to need a specialized diet…

Humor me, why is it not possible to get all you need simply through your diet?
Just so you know, I am a believer that you need supplementation when you’re an elite level athlete and I have been arguing with my friend who believes that you can/should get it through simply your diet. So help me out and list reasons why supplements are necessary vs. diet.

well, if clemson means that you get 4.5g per lb of herring then you will have to eat a lot of mackrel to get the 5g which most people take of creatine per day!

I think supps allow an athlete to assure he has all necessary nutrients in him to help recovery/performance

My intention is just to continue to improve my diet, which i can do by finding out which foods have high levels of creatine and then eating them as regularly as possible. I prefer to let natural eating habits take care of my nutritional needs by following as good a diet as possible. I have no intention of trying to eat 5g of creatine a day through food, i just want to make sure that i am eating the right kind of foods that contain it. Let the rest take care of itself.
I can honestly say that every bit of training success that i have had so far has come from good food and sound training practises. I am just not the kind of guy that would take this supplement to get an extra 5% strength, or that supplement to decrease my bodyfat by 5% etc. What happens when you take the supplement away? Your body has learned to become dependent on something to be able to perform at a certain level. I am not against people taking supplements but its just not the way i have been brought to do so. People may call me old fashioned, but each to their own. Thanks for the responses. I will look to include more herring and salmon in my diet. I already eat plenty of beef, tuna and chicken.


At one point I thought as you did, (at least my former coach did). She said I could get everything I needed from eating regular food. Well, she was a coach, and never an elite athlete. While I was at a training camp with the National Track team, a prominent Olympic Gold medalist in the 4.x 100m asked me what supplements I took. I told him that you don’t really need supplements and can get everything you need form food. His words to me were, “Herb, you aren’t going to last.” :smiley: I figured he would know.

great story, very inspiring. I don’t suppose you can tell me who this Olympic athlete was could you? Or at least his/her initials :stuck_out_tongue:

It just seems stupid to me. I don’t take many supplements but it is just a convenience/cost issue with the ones I take versus getting it from real food. If you are an elite athlete who can spend massive amounts of money on real food each day then I think you actually have a better chance of doing it. But nobody wants to try because there’s no point to doing so. There’s nothing that makes your performance more impressive than the next guy because you don’t take any supplements.

I’m sorry to go off a bit, you are entitled to your own opinion so do whatcha like.

Results are from what you can do in the real world…Herring loading is not my idea of a practical solution since the fish varies in content. 4.5 is an average and that varies…imagine a week with 2.4 and then before a big meet your up high with 7? Spells hamstring pull to me!

Remember that is the RAW score…read the Creatine book from Human Kinetics. Raw fish should be for sushi.

I use a protein powder since I can’t afford lamb from NZ…