creatine grapejelly dunkin donuts

anyone know how to make these?

Why would you want to?

Mmmmm Jelly.

doesn’t anyone just take creatine plain? i just put a spoon full in my mouth and wash it down with water.


Haha, that was weird.

I do the same thing.

Creatine mixed with Jelly would more than likely break down in to creatinine there fore making it useless. Still want to know how?

just put the creatine in a protein shake.

Postworkout poppers? Flaky bread with trace amounts of butter and mix the jelly and creatine and bake the “grow balls” in the oven and add creatine jelly with a pastry filling and you are rocking! Shakes are great but sometimes real food is fun.

grape juice or jelly helps it to get into the blood fasta

thanks clemson,but do u have like a recipe i culd actually follow?

I too used to place a spoon full (5g) in my mouth and wash down. Quick and easy if u have no shaker!!