Can creatine and glutamine be used at the same time, i.e. 5g creatine/5g glutamine in post-workout drink? or is it better to space them apart from each other?

Glutamine is not a muscle builder but after listening to a very impressive AIDS and CANCER lecture over dinner (hey poor coaches need a nice meal and why not some steak?) glutamine helps with some immune support.

One point to consider that glutamine is the most available amino acid and the arguement that is is more than enough doesn’t hold water. Glutamine has over a 100 requirements in the body without exercise or higher stresses of the immune system. It is not needed for most athletes but some big boys will require some if they are national level. Low level sprinters will maybe train at 100% effort, but the stress is not nearly as high as an elite guy.

so supplemental glutamine is not necessary for most athletes?

My experience with glutamine (high dosage around 10 grams if i recall) was nothing. No recovery or DOMS improvements. I also noticed a bit of cell volumization but nowhere near creatine.

sure…most say that but few say they got ill or flu like symptoms! It’s hard to say.

I too purchased glutamine and experienced nothing. I am now convinced that the majority of the supplements on the market are worthless. Might as well keep my diet straight and get enough sleep…

I agree. I take a protein supplement and Vitamin C.

How much vitmain C do you take, and when do you take it?

Can you take creatine with whey protein? (and with a carb drink).

post training saturation seems to keep any cell inbalances from happening…I suggest following the protocols of John Berardi and use 5 or more grams post workout…remember last nights postworkout formula is todays preworkout aide if you are training hard 6 days a week. Nutrition is based on training and schedules so it’s hard to give pure rules of creatine use.

I take around 4 grams per day. 2 in the AM 2 in the PM

what do you think about taking 5grams of creatine and about 40g of whey protein with fat free milk after a workout?

i have a another question…if i was to mix water and whey and then wait about 10 hrs later to drink it…would it still be as effective???

I believe so since you can buy premade protein shakes at the store. However creatine in liquid is unstable so when mixed it must be taken rather soon.

thanks…what do you if whey is mixed with fat free milk or milk in general???

I am fortunate to have a great metabolism and it doesnt make any difference as to what kid of milk I use. I can use the extra fat and calories. So I use whole milk. :slight_smile:

i wish i had your metabolism…lucky. i know this is getting a been wornout but my whey also contains glutamine with it…would it still be as effective 10 hrs after i mix it and then drink it?

Yes. I believe so.