Creatine for endurance

I was wondering, since creatine causes a water retention in the muscle cells could this help in endurance sports by promoting hydration? In the past glycerol was promoted for this purpose but I don’t see that any more.

I heard it reccomended that one drink MORE water with creatine supplementation? if so, then hydration is a problem with creatine.


Well i’d go punch creatine in on google and read some articles on it. But from my understand supplement creatine gives you more CP for atp production for the atp cp and alatic systems. The water retention comes from the muscle fibres retaining more creatine and needing it to bond to the cp monecule I beleive(i think im slightly off but im not a chemist lol)

Any benefit in increased water retention would be negated by an increase in BW and carriage for an energy system that accounts for a tiny percentage of total energy expenditure in an event that relies more on fat and sugar as energy sources.