Creatine ethyl ester for peaking sprint performance

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I’ve read lot’s of articles about creatine at and i’m wondering when to take my creatine. Last year i used creatine monohydrate, for about a month, but now i got another product. It’s creatine ethyl ester with glutamine. The pack that i bought equals 30 servings. One serving is :
9,8 g farmaceutical dextrose
3 g creatine ethyl ester malaat
2 g l-glutamine
0,6 g phosha-cell matrix (taurine and others…)

I am a sprinter and i want to use this creatine for helping me peak my performance. Let’s say i can do 30 servings, 2 times a day(that’s what the package said), that will make 15 days of creatine supplementation. Some people advise me just to take it the last 15 days before my championship, so on day 15 i will have to run 2times 100 en 2 times 200 and i will have my body and muscles full of creatine.
Or, should i take 15 days creatine, then one week without and then my championships ? Cause then i can take creatine when training hard, and it can help me recover better, but do i have enough of creatine in my body then after a week without taking ?

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Bart from belgium

CEE will cost you more then normal creatine monohydrate and CEE will not work beter then regular creatine. If I were you and starting creatine, stick with the regular monohydrate.

15 days of creatine would be a wast of money. If you go for the normal monohydrate you can buy more and take longer. Just use 3-5gr a day.

If you want to ‘stop’ using it just before a major championship I would do it like this: lower the dosage to around 1g/day and take on the day of the championship again a normal dose 3/5gr. Using more wont help as your body can only hold around 3-5gr. Also drink enough because not doing this could cause cramps while training.

hope you are something with this

Go to and look at the prices. Their CEE (6.99) is cheaper then their mono (9.00). Depending on the person, one may work better for the other.


100gr = $ 6.99
1lbs = $ 9.00 = 435 gram = 2$/100gr ??

Totally missed that, sorry, summer time and my math is bad.

np :slight_smile:

CEE is just the 10000th marketing trick of the suplement industry to make money out of an already working formula by changing and adjusting it so that it just does the same for more money :slight_smile:

Owkee, i already got this CEE so now i will take it till it’s empty. In the winter i will take regular monohy back again. I also heard from a pro trainer that i should take it 2 x 3grams a day, every day (also without loading phase etc…) in the morning half an hour before breakfast, and also half an hour before training.


if you want to split it, I would do it in the morning and AFTER the training, to refill your ATP in your body wich will be “empty”. Doing it before training would be a waste I think as your body will already have enough off it.

It’s based on the idea that when you take the supplement, it isn’t in your blood in five minutes. It takes a while, so it will be in your blood (and so transported to your muscles) when you are doing sprints on training, and then the creatine can be refreshed…