Crawfords 9.88

Right-click and save. You may not get the whole clip otherwise. Not the best quality.


thanks alot for the clip. I missed the race over the weekend.

i must say, i haven’t seen a healthy Mo reeled in like that before. Crawford’s gear shift at about 50 or 60 meters was rather impressive. What happens if he develops a bust out start??


Thanks for the clip!

I agree, Crawford simply reached a better top speed then everyone else, with Mo’s first 40 he would be in WR territory. But then again, each sprinter with his strengths.

Crawford has very long legs relative to his torso.

I’m interested to know what he did (apart from run faster lol) during that phase from 50/60m-100m! It looked at tho he was out of the race with Mo and Capel stealing the show…them BLAM! he switches on the turbo and flyes past everyone! Amazing…If I was that dude in lane 8 I would have been distraught! He (Crawford) made him look like he had stopped running!! :eek:

Mo looked very impressive I must say. The start looks very powerful and dynamic and the turn over is Whoa! (Look at the cadence difference between Mo and Gatlin) Has anyone noticed that John Capel doen’t drive with his head down?? It almost looks like he running the whole 100m race with the head up…he’s another awesome talent. Poor Tim…whats going on!?? Hopefully he can pull it together before the trials…It would be a shame not to see him at Athens…I was also looking forward to seeing my boy Bernard Williams in action too!!

it was a typical carl lewis run race.smooth acceleration.this is a guy to definitly look out for in athens if he makes it through the trails.he has a very strong head and supreme self belief in his race plan and ability!

Capel is in lane 3 ?
If yes, interesting, a “200m guy” reacting & starting faster than the others ( 100m guys ).

Capel is a sprinter! Period!! Whether it be 100 or 200! At world class you can’t afford to sleep in the blocks in terms of reaction…You’ll get yamed for breakfast! The guy is awesome! I’ve been watching the clip over and over again…I’m just in awe of Crawfords pick up…My girlfriend said its like there was a gust of wind just in his lane! Lol :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s turbo lag. :smiley:

Talking about react…this week i saw something very interesting, curious and funny a little. It was in one of Golden League meets 2003.
The 100m girls was in your lanes waiting for the Set Position, the camera shows a big image from track where we could see the male sprinters warming just behind the female sprinters. When they said: GET SET, all the male sprinters stoped each one in a different position like statues…then, when the Gun SHOT all the male sprinters reacted, then, each one returned to his warm exe´s without watch the finish from girls 100m dash. I guess it is a Elite Sprinters Mania.

Look at Crawfords first movement from blocks. Hard to see but seems his lead arm action is not going where it needs to. Would like to see a shot from close-up…

Is it just my computer, or is there no sound on the video?

Don’t worry, you’re not missing anything, because there are none, and even if it was it would drive any knowledgeable viewer insane.
It is apparent that Eurosport is trying to sell track&field to the average viewer - what with the viewers being encouraged to ask questions by sms and all that - so that the commentators, in this case Vicente Modahl, who should be knowledgeable, can’t say anything beyond: “He’s a good sprinter - he’s a good hurdler” etc…

I read something not long ago where Mo said he was working on “shortening his stride” in the years 2002 and 2003. He actually wanted to take more strides during the 100. Up until 2001, he was pretty consistent at almost exactly 45.5 strides under windless conditions. In this race he takes well over 46. Is it just me, or does his stride look choppier these days?

I’ve have to agree with you sprinter. His stride is looking a lot more choppier. I was comparing some old footage I have of him and then looked at the race against Crawford and there is a defino difference in stride length. (classic example is the race against Surin in the World Champ Final(Not sure what year) the stride lengths of both are awesome both are pulling away from the group! Its like they are in another race! :eek:

At WC in Edmonton 2001 MO´s strides was formidable, when the foots landed his leg was almost complete stretched, 45 counted strides, but that was a particularly race where he run injured. I guess he´s cutting his stride lenght because he is not so strong as before. Could be a readjustment to his new strenght pattern.

Does anyone have access to the splits for Crawford’s 9.88 or 9.93 final at the trials? His top end speed appears to be otherwordly. I must admit that i would have never thought that he would be in contention based on his first 50m. The move that he makes during midrace as well as his race model and physical proportions (torso and leg lenths, dimensions etc.) are reminsiscent of Donovan. Remember Atlanta '96?

Please Thor, could you re-post the 9.88 video, actually i need the total number of steps for him in this race. Thanks in advance.

Ooups, after some more diggings, i have found the tape of that race under tons of other things. But i still need the reaction time for him, can somebody help here?

thor…is it possible for u have the file up again for download?