Crawford in Australia

Crawford is coming compete in two meets in our national series. I can’t wait to run againt him. Anyone know what kind of shape he’s in?

Henry dont forget to check in mate i wont be there to listen out for late entry this time :smiley:

He did a 6.56 for 60m on Feb 2nd at the Milrose Games.
Not great over the first 40m (compared to others in race), but the last 20m of the race, really pulled away.

Yeah I was going to thank you the next time i saw you. So Thank you :smiley:

I try my hardest to check in on time but… if i don’t… where are you going to be sitting?? :wink:
The sydney meet should be a great one weather permitting they are yet to confirm the entry list but all the guns should be there.

i’ll be siting on a plane home from china about that time.

Can you buy tickets at the gate or will they be sold out by then?

I am guessing Crawford will run the 100m. Bit early for 200s.
Will Steffensen run the 200m like he did yesterday (20.76 +3.0)

Looking forward to this night. Everyone turn up early and watch the old guys go round first.

i swear i’d read he was doing 200s, can’t remember where though-sorry

From an article in the SMH today:
"Also featuring at the Sydney meeting will be Athens Olympics 200m champion Shawn Crawford of the US, who will contest the 100m against Patrick Johnson and Joshua Ross.

Commonwealth 400m champion John Steffensen will race the 200m and 400m double."

Start lists are up for Sydney:

Sorry Henry you don’t get to race him here. Crawford is only down for the 100m.

I stand corrected, no 200!