I know this sounds like a dubious topic. But as people may know, I’m trying to cut my body fat down, and seem to be having some success, although it’s still early days.

However, I noticed on crackers/water biscuits, there’s no nutritional info on the side (at least the ones we have at home). Are they ok to eat? They can’t be loaded with anything, cos they’re fairly flavourless, and so light etc. Just curious to know if it would go against my intended fat loss if I ate crackers/water biscuits.

“crakers” for some reason i thought this thread was going to be about something else…

anyway, maris, in a situation where you are trying to drop BF%, try to avoid all processed foods espically ones that come in a box or a bag. sorry crackers fall into this category.

aside from your recovery drink, try to get as much of your carbs from veggies and fruit (more veggies than fruit if you can) the better. they are very fibre, nutrient and phytochemical dense and when you compare volume (and the above points) to caloric content, you cant beat the natural carbs. so long story short, crackers=bad

Fair enough. But baked beans come out of a can, so please don’t deny me them! I like them, and they do have good nutritional value don’t they??? Please say yes.

eat your baked beans maris,

they might give you a little extra zooommmm out of the blocks!!:smiley:

LOL, that’s the effect I’m going for. A wind aided time.

Try Baked beans ‘with no added suger or salt’. Doesn’t fit the N4D unprocessed test but a step in the right direction…

OK, thanks for the advice. I’ll try and keep it all as unprocessed as possible.


you mentioned phytochemicals - have you ever heard of products put out by Mannatech? Any reaction or thoughts?