Correlation between 40y dash and Vertical jump?

Looking at the combine numbers, most guys running sub-4.7 have VJ’s over 34" but not all of them. Both tests measure explosive strength, the 40y dash also tests top speed.

Does anyone think it is possible for someone with short legs, good strength and RFD but a lower than avg. VJ to run a better than avg. 40y dash?

In short, are short legs a limiting factor for the VJ but not a limiting factor for the 40y dash?

I don’t think short legs are a limiting factor at all and I don’t know that the 40 tests top speed. I know a majority of the 40 is acceleration. If you have good strength, good RFD, and short legs it’s just like having good strength, good RFD, and long legs. I think you could do better in either/or if you train properly. Of course you should probably train to do good in both.

Need good stride frequency, fast CNS etc. That’s genetics there

certainly helps both jumping high and running fast, but definitely helps running fast more