It seems someone else is trying to pawn off Charlie’s ideas as their own. I received an email from ‘’ talking about ‘stepping over and driving down’, it also has some pieces of sample workouts which looked very similar to Charlie’s GPP DVD.

Welocome to the industry… :o :frowning:

Its all very good and all but at the highest level these programmes can’t work. You need someone to plan your entire year for you (or do it yourself) and then you need to understand how to change it.

Still, at least someone is listening! Even if they are theving basta*ds!

I read articles online with my verbage and content from authors that I talk to or email to exchange ideas with. Then I see them making money from what I say…and I am a nobody! Imagine if you spend 30 years working to see yours stuff stolen?

It seems like the only way to prevent one’s ideas from being stolen besides patents and copyrights is to keep them to
yourself. If you look at the industries where everything is too muddled and competitive for patents, everyone is tight-lipped.

Just had a look and saw:
“Speed is a skill that must be taught”. (All young athletes have issues etc…)
That one’s from Loren Seagrave, not me!
I think it’s precisely the opposite.
Visit any schoolyard and watch how relaxed and natural the kids are when they run. It takes a coach to screw things up.
That said, I do recognise some stuff in there.
Sort through original material and draw your own conclusions rather than letting other people do it for you.
Remember, the camel resembles a horse designed by a committee.

I think this touches on a point your brought up in the CFTS when you talk about coaches who create training “programs” that are really just a hodge podge of every drill or method they can find. That’s the problem when you start ripping off other people’s work without understanding it, especially when you’re attemtping to draw from different sources.

Yup. You can saaess what you’re likely to get by asking the simple question. Who have they produced?

There are limits to that question though. HIT has “produced” many athletes with great performances. That is one of the problems/interesting aspects (depending on how on looks at it) with coaching: it is very heuristic and thus very hard to directly prove causality. I think it really depends upon who one can trust and if their ideas make sense. Otherwise, we get sucked into the vortices of the circular arguments regarding training dogma and results that plague the DB hammer discussions on this forum.

One guy I used to work with used to break my balls for info on nutrition, supplements , and drugs.
2 years after I stopped working with him I noticed he did a ergenic aids chapter in aphysiology book. Holy Shit! I guess he’s an expert know or something. Fortunate for me, I have gotten used on many occasions before this so I knew not to hand out my Gold Standard info.

Even the guy I work with now used to copy my shit and use it on his clients with zero refernce.

Im in an information based feild. I make money selling information. This is one reason why I dont share my shit with people who could make money off it (me).
I spend alot of hours reading, researching, consulting withexperts, books, videos, etc. I have nothing to gain by giving scumbags who compete with me info that I use to make a living.
This might sound very negative, but believe me, when people steal your shit, atitudes will sour.

One strength coach who I will not name siad all he does is travel the world , consult with experts, attend seminars, and then sell the info to others. Simple formula, but Im sure someone’s getting shafted.


I posted on this a while ago, but I think it got removed. Needless to say, I was happy to see this thread. Just another example of people being guided on how to position themselves as experts with the sole purpose of moving product and, from what I hear, they’ve been moving some. I’m reminded of a line from Moe of The Three Stooges when they were trying to break into the movie-making business

“Hollywood’s full of people who can’t act or direct, what’s three more?”

Some experts they are, experts at marketing.
Why dont these experts invite us to their facilities for a few days for us to witness these superstar athletes train and stuff. Wont happen. Most likely their assistant will train whoever while superstar coach is travelling the world attending seminars and selling their shit.

If your good people will eventually know you.