Copy of Speed Trap on eBay

Dude check out the other items for sale

scroll down to the bottom and check out the books.

I’m putting a bid on Fanny Hill.

Lady Chatterly’s Lover is all mine.

There is a hard copy of Speed Trap on Ebay for $25.

Thanks for the heads up. I just won this thing for 25usd=36CDN. To my surprise there were no other bidders except me I guess I lucked out. Hard Copies sell for over 60USD, just do a check and you’ll see what I mean.

Now I can return the library book version that I was going to steal, I mean borrow for a long time. :smiley:

if i dodnt have it already i wouldnt sahre this
the link

there on amazon all the time

Heads up - another hardcopy on ebay …

Ebay isn’t bad actually - did I tell you guys I saw a copy for sale online … for almost $300 USD!!!

Yeah, I saw that as well.

Remember that its all to do with the condition of the book. Speedtrap is such a good book you may just want to read the e-version and tuck the print copy away for safe keeping!

Happy New Year,


That’s what I suggest -
Get the ebook, print it out, carry it around bang it around - but keep the hard copy hidden away!

That’s what I do - I keep the hard copy in my study, but the ebook is always lying round for reference.