"Cooper test" for sprinters??

I have a question for anyone who works w/ sprinters (or is one).
I was asked the other day what the benefit of the Cooper test is to sprinters (100m & under). Their federation has added it to their off season testing.
The Cooper test is 12 mins run, expected all out (what the??!!) with a minimum of 2400m covered over that time. The final distance is measured in 100m increments & their “fitness” is gaged from there.
Personally I don’t get it… this is a test used on hockey players I know but short distance sprinters???
I would love to here other input/opinions here as I am left scratching my head here… :confused:

Sounds like a test for distance runners…

Somebody should be scratching their head. USELESS!

Thank you for the back up!
The runners were made to do this test last week… all have sore knees & fatigue that has made training more difficult in the few days after.
I can’t stand people who think they can call themselves “coach” & do this stuff. I, by no means, am an expert… this is why I read you guys so much (an honour to read your thoughts/ideas Charlie).
Next camp they want a version of a “leger”(sp?) test. Just asking for twisted ankles to do 30 or 40m, stop, sprint back, 30 sec. wait then do it again for a total of 6 times (round trip). They omit the 5m “slow down zone” (crap, it takes me a lot more than that to slow down from an all out spritn) & find the average time for the distance… again, I don’t see where this is of relevence at all to sprinters especially those who don’t turn on a dime in a race.
Again, thanks for the input. Nice to some people who think clearly! :slight_smile: