cool game.

play this game. Click on little brown box and hold down mouse and dodge the little blue things. My best was 41.73 seconds.

POST YOUR RESULTS!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well, after five tries I have gotten a 44.49. sweet game!

how are you guys so good at this game??? 43 is insanity , i did it like 100 times and my best was 22.

47,65. Nice game. A bit like asteroids, but with direct analogue control, and no shooting. Very raw and basic in booth execution and appeal.

are you kidding… how long do you guys spend playing this?? I lasted maybe 6 seconds at best!

i got 34 sec after 3rd try, pretty neat game, will try later

new pb of 122.15 hand time

u must be patient in this game

75,69 sec 4th try

If there’s ANY correlation with sprint times with this $hit I’m in serious trouble! Can’t break 20!

I can’t break 20 either! Perhaps it has to do with computer speed? I have a pretty ridiculous computer and after about 15 seconds the pieces start moving ridiculously fast!

With my good comp I can’t do more than 30 seconds

And with my old one (Pentium 350) I did 95 seconds


I got an amd 3200+ with 1 gig of pc3200 ram… = 18 second best.

if I just start loading about 13 IE windows, turn on a couple movies, and load some flash files, I can make it to 25. :slight_smile:

anybody who makes it over 50, needs a new computer!!

30.1 sec on an overclocked box with mozilla (read no malware crap to slow it down).

I should probably open some movies to figure out what i can really get…:slight_smile:

I have been on that game for the past day, 23 hours is my best! 23 hour is my best!

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:smiley: Well, i guess your 100m best is around 10 hours…
200m so 22 hours…
don´t ya ?