Conversion Time 60m to 55m

Can anyone tell me an approxiamate conversion time for a 60m to a 55 meters. Ie. if someone runs a 7.50 in a 60 meters, what would thet convrt to for a 55 meters? :slight_smile:

The standard conversion is .48, so 7.02

I appreciate the quick response.

That conversion of course changes based on your performance level. So if youโ€™re running 7.50 in a 60m it would be more than .48. Maybe .55.

since performance really makes the standard .48 inaccurate, the best way i have found is to take your 55 time and multiply it by 1.07 or take your 60 time and divide by 1.07 to find out what that would be. works great.

I appreciate the feedback. You all have definitely provided me with some viable options.

Does any one have a formula for converting a 60meter time to a 100 meter time?