Contaminated supplements

How do assure that the supplements you are taking are not contaminated. The IOC publication is scary reading…

Håkan Andersson

buy all of your products from a company that doesn’t produce pro hormones.

From what read and heard are there few producers but many manufactures of food supplements. From my personal experience the use of food supplements is way overrated and just a poor but expensive substitute for illegal performance enhancing drugs. Also read:

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Håkan Andersson

One problem that I have with Quackwatch is that they really tow the AMA line, which is often full of crap. However, I have to admit that a lot of what they say about supplements is spot on.

I also agree with your observation about many supplements being a pathetic attempt to replicate drug effects. In the U.S. this has been the core of supplement marketing since steroids were scheduled as controled substances in the late 80’s.

What would be helpful would be for the IOC to publish details of supplements from companies they found to be safe .
Maybe safe companies could be awarded some sort of recomendation ?
You can get starting blocks with an IAAF recommendation - why not supplements ?

by 716

this means ingestion of
about 0.7 milligrams (less than 1/1000th of a
gram) of 19-norandrostenedione could possibly
cause a 2,000 ng/mL level of norandrosterone
in his urine, which is 1000 times the allowable
limit. Remember the cut-off for men
is 2 ng/mL or 2 parts per trillion.

Below is a link on to cross contamination on supplements just issued by UK sports