Hey guys, sorry about the number of questions I have but I’ve been reading a lot of different training philosophies and I’m beginning to get confused on what is the best to do for someone at my experience level. First of all, track starts in a couple of weeks and I was wondering what some good conditioning type stuff would be to get myself in shape completely for upcoming track…last year we did 300’s like crazy almost every single day(which I see no point to.)

Does 40 time have any relevance at all to your 100 meter time? I am a sophomore in HS and I run a consistent, low 4.6 handtimed 40 but I feel like I’m not reaching my top speed, or even close to it with the distance I’m running. Here are my stats:
165ish lbs…8-9 percent bodyfat
230 clean
400ish squat
270 bench

How am I strength and speed wise as of now?

How should I train speed wise in the last two weeks of my “off-season” until track comes up?

Thank you all so much for taking time to comment back and sorry if I seem a little green because I am, I’m new to this whole sprinting scene.

Does anyone have any advice at all?

Those are some pretty good numbers for your age. If those strength numbers are legit, you are very strong for your size / age. What kind of shape are you in? Have you been running? If not, I would start with some tempo and some acceleration work.

At my maximum speed, I feel really, really fast…I don’t feel that in shape when it comes to the conditioning we’re going to be doing and I would like to know what to do to help condition myself and my body. Thanks a lot for the reply.

Have you read around the forum? Search tempo to learn what that means. Rotate high intensity / speed days with tempo days.
I think it is ok to not be in perfect shape at the beginning of track. You have the season to get there.
Remember, your coach has to coach the whole team and your workouts won’t be perfectly planned for everyone. Hopefully he is doing his best.