Confidence are everything?

What do members think of the importance confidence plays during the drive/acceleration phase of a 100.
Are confidence what makes or brakes you even though your shape are exellent (the best ever even:) )?


in sprinting and in particular elite sprinting confidence is essential and this applies to every confidence is a major factor in sprinting the more of it you have the better you will run.when confident you will be able to relax more rather than trying to push your way throught a race.providing you are in good shape for sprinting fast its a must


Choose your right competitions and you should be fine based on your training.

It’s all about execution, and making sure you do everything so you are 100% ready when it counts.

Using the rounds in the 100m (3 before the final) also helps in the confidence, as well as execution.

For example, run the first 60m as always, then shut it down. If you are blowing away the field, man, now that’s confidence.

At beginners level tho when u know ur gonna lose - a different approach may help .
I know I’m gonna get blown away tomorrow night - but I’m hoping to get dragged along to a good time .

I’d say that until you reach a level where winning should be ur goal - treat the track like it has only one lane - ur own - and concentrate on ur own targets -
a check list of trying to make each part of ur 100m as good as it can be in the never ending attempt at the perfect race - and not even Ben did that -
altho streaking across the line arm raised while checking out the scenery , was , perfect imagery