conditioning after speed work

Does conditioning have a negative affect on speed work if done afterwards? (e.g. 6x40m, followed by 15-20 minutes then 2-3 miles as fast as possible)

I am trying to become quicker but also need to be conditioned to last 90 minutes.

What sport are you? The answer to your question is yes, it will for sure have a negative impact on your speed. Anyways, when we find out what sport you participate in we will be able to help you out a lot more. The search funciton might also be quite helpful for you.

i am a soccer player

dont focus on sprints or endurance. Try tempos to train both. soccer is a trade-off anyway

yeah after reading around I am going to keep the speed days as speed days and then use tempo as my conditioning.

I am in the same situation as you, gs0728…i want to improve my speed but at the same time i have to get in good enough condition to last 90 minutes…and i just feel that the tempo work that i do the day after a speed session isn’t sufficient enough to reach the proper conditioning level i need to be at to last a full soccer game…I am afraid of going too fast during tempo work because of the impact it will have on my CNS, and i am afraid that if i do too much tempo my muscles will not be properly recovered for the speedwork the following day. How can i make my tempo runs challenging enough to get me into game condition…but at the same time allowing me to perform my speedwork the next day totally recovered and at top speed??? Any thoughts or suggestions?


If anything focus on sprints and speed.

The soccer training will take care somewhat of the endurance element.

to focus on sprints is just a good idea, if you have a good general endurance.

As a soccer player the combination is important.
I played soccer and i can tell you that you arent having any real sprints as you might think of:
everything is depending on your endurance level. You can go to the track, have 5 good sprints with 10mins rest between - but a soccer player has to do plenty of sprints near the top quality for 90mins.

We’ve had this debate quite a few times before …

You play soccer

Of the game lets say your vital input is 5%

So of the whole 90 minuites - only 5% is important

That 5% is in greatest probablity spent sprinting to tackle, headbut or score.

It is spent at speed - (high intensity)

Why do your endurance training to learn to run slow?

You do this through training itself AND during the games too.
Now if you want to train the recovery - do tempo.
BUT do not combine the two or use tempo to ‘train the both’.

Remember the 5%

Sorry had a long day spelling bad etc. not much time

this question kind of applies to me too… some weeks i just don;t have time to get in conditioning on mny off days (work etc) so i am tempted to do some after my speed days.

How bad would it be to do say 1 mile or two of continuous running after a 300-350m sprint day? or perhaps a tempo session right after with a total of 2500m volume?

I just don’t see the point of putting in a quality speed session and then running 2-3 miles right after… That would seem like it would negate what you just put in…

I’m not very familiar with the specific qualities needed with soccer, but 90 min. plus being able to put in bursts of speed would seem like you need the best of both worlds. It is confusing to say the least to me at least.

What is your current schedule like on a weekly basis? Maybe we can go from there and see how it is set up.

No23 has a good post a few posts back!

How does doing a little conditioning following speed work negate the speed work that you just did as long as you stay well below the 75% threshold?? I don’t understand why doing this would be so harmful to you speed. How, exactly, would running 2 miles following speed work damage your speed? You are not going anywhere near the 75% limit. Please, someone explain this to me.