I am currently looking for a computer. Can anyone give me any recommendations. I need something cheap. I dont have one right now? Thanks.

Pick up a used/refurbished iMac. Everything you need in one package.

Rupert? I know you favour PCs over Macs. Explain why, and list some good picks. Maybe someone who prefers Macs could post with reasons also.


Mac’s have VERY limited software support. Keep this in mind, as you’ll be paying more money for software that is easily available on the PC platform. Hardware failure, look to spend $50 an hour to get rid of your problems.

Don’t get me wrong, Mac’s are “ok”, I have one, but trying to get support/software…I’ve often been hung out to dry. I’m also a “pc person”, with little interest in Mac…so don’t ask me about Mac. offers the best value/pricing and has Intel processors under the hood.

I don’t think a Mac fanatic can argue that the PC platform is the most widely supported. Consider this, how many friends do you have on your block that have mac’s in a production setting versus PC? This counts when you want support/help…

Ask and I’ll give the answers…

Hope this helps


the problem with Dell is that they are not user friendly when you have to upgrade or replace…

you need a new video card? (only $50-100), you need to replace the entire motherboard because the cards are forged into the motherboard.

just my 2 cents

i still like Dell though, just the only con…theyare cheap too

Dell’s pushing the latest Nvidia video chipsets/subsystems, so no worries on video performance.

Unless you have a Dell from '97, you should not have to worry much about upgrading the video.

Besides, everythings PCI/AGP and video can be swapped with NON OEM parts…again the beauty of the PC platform.

Hope this helps.


i got a gateway,its good reliable and the after sales is excellent.would highly recommend gateway

Hi there…

Building a custom computer has both its advantages and disadvantages, I’ll quickly sum up the major pros/cons of each of these options.

Building one yourself:

  1. No warranty except on faulty parts. Warranties do NOT cover improperly installed equipement, so if you do the work and short something…you’re on your own. Talk about service, try dealing with a sales rep to get the 5600rpm scsi hard drive you just bought from his store replaced after you burn it from improper termination. Simplicity often is deceiving. Resist the temptation on homemade (this is my personal advice), unless you are prepared to embark on a potentially incredible journey…in short…its not for the faint of heart nor for those with a limited computer build/repair skill set.

  2. Price, sure the deals in computer land are great if you 1) know what you NEED to do the job. With my experience often the high end home projects end up costing the same amount of money if I had bought retail…without the warranty. Do your homework and see this for yourself. Price out a P4 with 512mb of ram on a scsi backplain. You’ll see.

Store Bought:

  1. Warranty: Yes, very important. Parts fail, and this always happens at the wrong time, and most always requires a trained technician (if you want your data after the system is brought back online).
    These problems are often delt with quickly and efficiently. This usually isn’t the case with a home made system and those who build these homemade masterpieces often have more than one computer in the house in case something goes wrong. Homemade is NOT an option if downtime is a concern. This is especially true if this is your first or only computer.

Check your local buy and sell type newspapers for the best deals on used computer equipment. Or search with the keywords “your city name used computers”. That should do it.

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build a pc urself!

with no experience in computers at all, looked at a few websites, bought a few magazines, talked to some computer nerd friends, id figured it out everything i needed. putting it together is like an adults lego kit.

if u want just a cheap one, older model computer components are dirt cheap. this way u get everything u want. plus, with warranty, if anything doesnt work…just take it back!

perhaps some ppl can suggest online computer stores. i can only suggest australian ones…

my 2 cents

oh yeah, if ur gonna buy online, make sure they have a shopfront you can go to for warranty and pickup…trust me

Ill go dell then,

Yes thanks, I have never actually bought a computer before so this information is very usefull. Since I have been a member of the site I have had to use the library’s or universitys computer which is a very painfull act. Im sure the librarian’s there will be happy with my purchase also. :clap:

I’m with all the above - avoid homemade if it’s a first time.

I have plenty of experience with PC’s etc and even I’ll stay away from homemade for reliability sakes - If somthing happens a new PC - it’s up to them to sort it out.

I know some are partial to Mac but I can’t say anything against Dell though.


we have a dell here at the store and no problems after 19 months.

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Hey … having said all that I’m using one too …

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I always feel more comfortable with a store. If anything goes wrong, there’s a guy at the store I can pull over the counter and threaten with death if the problem isn’t solved! Seriously though, there is something to be said for the faster service.

ask 3 questions:

  1. what have you used before? PC or Mac

  2. how much do you want to spend? $400USD? $2K?

  3. do you need to be portable? (i.e. laptop)