Complex training

It depends on what you’re looking to get out of it. Are you looking for the potentiation effect in order to increase short term training performance, or are you looking to train both strength and power synergistically, but are not necessarily interested in a short term potentiation effect during training? How the exercises are implemented in the workout, as well as the level of intensity, varies depending on what you’re doing.

My post didn’t mean to imply that I suggest such a way of training. If something similar Has to be used and without knowing the details, I would tend to try an Ascending type of session (and a Descending as a 2nd option within the week perhaps). What mortac8 has asked is crucial, regarding the running distance available. Thanks for the link by the way, which I haven’t been able to watch yet.

Ascending and descending worked well for me at times. Usually 4-6 weeks only. Ascend one day, descend the next.

its 40yds wall to wall with thin padding. from experience i can sprint about 20 yd without throwing on the brakes too hard

i doubt i would need to use this training too often, as my meet schedule is pretty heavy and many weeks have 2 meets, which is a good enough stimulus

i would use it just to add a high intensity day if the situation arose where i thought one would fit well, but i dont have the facilities available

im not sure what you mean by this… as in intensity levels?

Hell that’s pretty good. I would use that to your advantage over the many who have 0 hallway. For complexes… I might just complex some stuff in between sets of olympic lifts like 1x3 low box jumps or something similar.

I don’t do much of this stuff. It gives a stimulus level that you won’t get maybe any other way, but I little bit goes a long way. I read a research paper on resisted/assisted contrast on the track (which is analogous to the Verkhoshansky “stimulus” method) last year that implies that the way it works is actually analogous to “shock training” in the Verkhoshansky terminology: The explosive part of the training causes muscle damage in the fibers causing eccentric contractions, and when the muscle fibers recover from the stimulus, both stride length and stretch-shortening velocity are enhanced. But this also means that you only get a positive training effect from the unexpected stimulus: Once your body gets used to it and it doesn’t knock down your CNS so much, it doesn’t work any more.

I’ve noticed that I only get an effect from this kind of training from doing it twice. Also, you need to follow this type of training with 1-2 weeks of recovery (don’t expect positive results on the track immediately–expect the opposite, in fact) with some weeks of regular training to accumulate the gains.

I have a week in the middle of phase 1 where I do:

2X3 squats @80-85%
3 min rest
2 sets of explosive box squats with 50 pounds of BB

I have a week early in phase 2 where I do (on opposite weekends):

2X40m accel from 3pt @100%, 5% uphill
10 min rest
2X30m flying 5% downhill

That’s all I do in a whole training year, as I don’t think any more yields a positive risk/reward.

my meet schedule is pretty heavy, so if i did this type of training i would probably do it maybe once a week, a couple times in january, and maybe once in february

i just want to keep from peaking to early so i dont want to drop my workload too early in the season, meaning i needed to find a replacement high intensity workout when i cant do any full speed upright running

ahh, i get it, thanks

If this is true, let the meets serve as your stimulus. Looking for further may not be of benefit.

What distances and how many rounds are you looking at competing in on a weekly basis?

Generally I do plan on using the meets as my stimuli just since my event is the 55 running meets twice is week still isn’t very high. So if I et a week where my meets got cancleled, while it is still pretty early season I don’t want my workload to be too low (a problem I had last season). I do also sometimes run the 300 and in the end of the year meets I run the 4x2

So why don’t you just do a couple more sprints after your actual race to get your volume for the day to 250-400m in total?

Sample Block:

Snatch+depth jumps 6x2+6x3 rest 30sec btw snatch and 4mins btw sets

Split squats+Split jumps 3x5+3x3 rest 30sec btw squats and 3mins btw sets

Reactive gh+1 leg low box (3-4in) jumps 3x10+3x10 rest 30sec and 2-3mins btw sets

P skips h/d 2x8
Str leg bound 2x8
30 shot put throws
4x20 sled sprints
4x20 block sprints

Cleans+hurdle hops 6x2+6x5 rest 30sec btw cleans and 4mins btw sets.

Squats+static box jumps 3x3-6+3x3 rest 30sec btw squats and 3mins btw sets

Kb swings+bounds 3x10+3x5 rest 30sec btw swings and 2mins btw sets

P skips h/d 2x8
20 shot put throws
3x20 sled
3x20 3pt
3x20 sled
3x20 blocks

Tue/Thur: Tempo/circuits

I agree - always had great results with the CAD program in 3-4 week blocks.

Sample week.

Depth jumps 18in 3x5
Jump squats (flat) 3x12x10%
Snatch 4x3x70
Squat 2x6x65
Runner 3x10

Squats 3x6x75
Clean 4x3x80
Jump squats (angle) 2x12x10%
Depth jumps 2x5
Rdl 3x6x75

The running was mainly skips/bounds, throws, buildups, and stadium sprints and bounds.

thank you for the specific info, i find sample stuff very helpful since im still relatively inexperienced

the track closes. for the next couple weeks at meets i will be running the 55 and 300, which is 355m, plus i usually do a blocks workout (thoguh im still pretty scuky at them…) the day before meets i plan to train over so iprobably do hit that 400m mark in volume wise. just some weeks i have two meets, others i have none, and id prefer not to take an entire week off from high intensity work entirely

How quickly can they close the track? Do they kick you out less than 20min after your 55m race? That’s all you need to get another four 55m sprints under your belt (one every 5min). BTW: Running a 300m after your 55m race is very different to running another four or five 50 or 60m sprints: 1 submaximal acceleration vs. 4-5 maximal accelerations; never reaching top speed vs. reaching top speed 4-5 times; high lactate levels vs. low lactate levels…

yeah, ive realized the differences, though since i treat the 300 as training i usually do hit top speed because i go out as fast as i can, haha, thats probbly why im not so good at it

im always at meets, so once the 55 is over there are other races on the track, then after those races are relays, then it shuts down

on weekday meets my usual set up is the day before i do an extensive warm up, then block work, day of the meet i run 55 and 300, then day after the meet i do plyos and weights, so its kind of turned into a three day thing because of time constraints