Comments on my 1st indoor please, CF ur welcome

allright , im the guy on lane6, wearing White Tshirt.

Ull notice my quick agressive start,

and then the collapsing 40m end run…

my coach told me what went wrong, and i realise that now.

can u give me any hints, clean up my technique a lill’…

thank you

First 20 is very good. The 1 thing i picked up on was how tence you were, it was almost as if you were trying too hard. Just relax and it’ll come. Still not bad for your first competition of the indoor season.

indeed ur right, i hardly felt any pressure pre-comp, becauz i feel its unecessary to tense for smt u work for

however, after those 20, i had the impression they were all catching up, thats when i struck!

Are u from France? Swear I heard french in the background. Anyway on your race, I think just stay relaxed, it was as if u tensed up when u found out they were catching up. Have tunnel vision, concentrate on your lane, and only on your lane. Because the race is so short, if you stress out in the middle of it thinking “these guys are gonna beat me”, you have so little time to get thinking about yourself again, and to stay relaxed, keep driving your knees, keeping hips high, etc, etc. By the time u get back to thinking about what YOU have to do, the race is over. It happened with me, I wasn’t relaxed and when I started seeing the other competitors I began to do this “desperation run” where any proper form I may have had fucked right off. I’d start leaning back, and lowering my hips and not fully extending my legs. Loss of power, loss of speed and loss of time. But I guess all that comes with race experience. Everyone needs lots of it, so race as much as you can. Even training races aren’t the same because its kind of an over-relaxed atmosphere (that’s what I find anyway).

yeah u heard french allright :wink:
u just described the whole race and how i felt in it!
how long does it tend to take to get over this desperate-feeling?
and, just for fun, do you think i should have won that race? :slight_smile:

I have a little to add…

You’re obviously quick and your first 20 is good. And, yes, relaxing is important.

Having said that, what seems to be the issue is that you accelerated and hit top speed at 20m, while the guy that won accelerated to 30m before reaching top speed. Being that you are a beginning sprinter, your acceleration will be shorter than more experienced runner. With time and training that should improve. Also, Charlie’s GPP has good acceleration drills that will help extend and improve your acceleration!

Tu parles francais? Je parle un peu (if that makes grammatical sense ;)). Yeh, about the desperate feeling, I really don’t know, I’m still trying to fix it (I’m barely 18, and my main events are triple and long jump). So my experience is limited, but from it I can tell, single lane concentration definately helps a lot. If you perfect your race (to your level) in training, i.e. you get all the phases right, you get to what speed and power you need to win and stuff, then winning will be mostly mental (concentration and relaxation). I really like ur start, fuck I wish I was that explosive, but I can’t say if you should have won, probably yes if you didn’t get into the whole “desperation run” thing. What was ur time for the race? What did the winner get? And how old and tall are you, just out of curiousity?

my times was 7.28, the 1st’s was 7.08
22years old, 1m70, (started training 5months ago now i think)

next Sunday we have a new competition, we’ll record that too:)

your start is ok.the reason it looks faster than normal is due to the fact that the two guys either side were sluggish in lanes 5&7.the guys in lanes 2,3&8 matched you over the first 20m but at 30m(10m before the writing on the track) you totally fell apart.i actually thought you injured yourself.

if you look closely your competitors start to pull away exactly where the shot-putt fencing ends and from here on you go backwards.lets just see how your next meet goes before trying to correct anything.stay relaxed and run your own race.i can break down your faults and try to asssum things but lets look at your next race and also your training

hope this helps

Well, I wouldn’t go that far. Granted he tighten up; but “totally fell apart?”

i agree with X-man, like i said, i Collapsed…

i felt my legs were dribbeling over each other, kinda lost balance in a way… :frowning:

anyways, we’ll c what’s new next sunday
and thanks for all of your replies so far

sorry if i explained it like so.technically i didn’t see any major problems but i would be more interested in seeing his training where we can see his routine.totally falling apart meaning “you should have but didn’t”.without even seeing your routine i would critizise it already.

don’t forget that this athlete is only training a few months and hey good job.yes i’m blunt with my comments but if you want to advance then the truth is better than your next race and pr and most importantly concentrate on what your coach told you to know your faults so just correct them and pr

the very best of luck

hey hey hey, why are you saying your sorry for telling the truth?
Listen i really appreciate your comments, u shouldnt hide the truth, especially when it can Help me, so no sweat, besides, i wasnt taking any of this in the wrong way.

if u want to see my routine:

training is 3 times/week: track
2 times/week: Gym


Monday-> at noon: Start blocks 2 times 6 * 30 m, and 2 times 6* 30m with ELASTIC.

in the evening:
either a 6 * 80m (with stepping back as recup) , or a 3*180meters (10m recup)

Wednesday-> Start blocks: 2* 10, 2* 20, 2* 30, 240, 2 50, 2*60, 1 or 2 80’s

or Reverse training: start with 260… 210 AND at the end 2*80.

Friday-> 4 times this: a 50m flye followed by a 30m jog then again 50 m flye! (walkin recup)

Id say the most difficult part is the 6*80meters, that is just literally tearing my body up, how awful… I totally lack endurance as well as fast ATP-reconstructive-processus
coach says those will quickly come

Now, gym

Thursday and Saturday:

Basically general fitness , abs, push ups tractions, etc

and essentially Legs! Squats (warming up) then 2*10 of 75%1RM
same with Hamstring-curls
add-and abductor work… plain simple, thats it.