combining l to s and s to l

could you do the s to l m w f an do the sat session of l to s on sat cuz the cns stress is lower with 600’s and 500’s?

You always have more flexibility at the beginning of the phase as speeds are lower, but as the speeds go up and the distances start moving towards each other, you must be careful and I don’t see how you’d then have enough recovery for 4 speed sessions.
Maybe you could post your S-to-L workouts that would coincide with the 600s and 500s and give us an idea how long this would continue and how you’d adjust.

i thought the even 350s and 320s were not as taxing on the cns.

If you’re going fast enough they sure can be! By the time you’re going that distance, you should be running at PB levels

could i perhaps keep the rest shorter, less than 12 min throughout to keep the intensity lower?