Combined CNS stresses


Is there anyway to assess CNS stresses affecting athletes undertaking difficult stressful academic studies?

I’m talking here about the mental worries and stresses.

I notice the performance of athletes (and even basic fitness) can suffer dramtically as some athletes try to balance studies and sport.

While one must make choices etc. - the mental stresses of study - not the physical aspects of later working hours etc. - seem to have a draining effect on the determination and energy of the athlete.

Can this be managed or monitored better in any way?
Perhaps reducing the volume or intensities of training?

[BTW - I’m also sure academic stresses are only one stress type, but they are unique in some cases where they can be affecting over a long period, weeks and even months.]

Good topic!

I still find it amazing that guys like ato boldon, david enzwinda, leonard myles mills can run under 10 seconds while still in college and go to schools such as ucla, fresno pacific (naia), and byu.

I know this is not for everyone, but I found that in periods of stressful studying, training was such a refreshing break that it was certainly not detrimentally effected, and possibly even enhanced.

I find my CNS is effected most by a simple days work which for me is not particularly stressful or physical. After a days work I can be as much as 5% weaker in the gym and feel sluggish on the track if I have not had a break and /or sleep first.

Maybe work does not stimulate me like studying did and actually makes my conscious mind stale which carries over to training?

I’ve had an awfull saturday evening job for the past 12 months, I’m pleased to say that this saturday will be my last shift there. I gave my boss notice 2 weaks ago. I would get home at 1 a.m on sunday morning and it woould take me 3 hours for my mind to settle down. asleep by 4 a.m, I would get woken up at 10 a.m sunday morning and it would mash my sleeping pattern for 3 or 4 days.
As soon as I finish my last shift there this saturday I shall look forward to getting in to the best shape of my life by far.

the sleep issue is terrible…
senior year of high school should not be allowed- the pressure from living in a rich suburb to get into the very best colleges is unbelievable.

I found that my performance dropped off last outdoor season, and i partly attribute that to the stress of SATs, APs and final exams. When the tension is constant, it takes a lot of energy out of you without you even really realizing it.

I think all the stresses add up. Not just the physical ones.

I am currently going through a heavy workload with work and uni studies, which is taking up about 10 hours a day 7 days a week.

So my time available is used to train (2 hours a day) and coaching a couple of times a week.

I have come down with a virus that has been going around and struggling to rid it after 3 weeks.

The one thing I noticed was that I the shakes at work, when I had virus at it’s worse and wasn’t training.

I agreed to a point Richard,

Sometimes exercise can have a refreshing, liberating effect - but note I say exercise - not training.

Either the study or the sport is getting full effort - both cannot simultaneously get full concetration/effort for any sustained period.

I firmly believe a person can only concetrate fully on any one thing over any one time period.

Either a hard days study and a light weights session or Tempo, but hard study and a hard SE day or heavy Speed day is a recipe for, increased stresses, perhaps injury - and over longer periods of time - leading to viral infections such as the dreaded glandular fever…