Combine Training

I have a combine coming up at the end of May, and I’d like to show my workouts on the way. Here’s what I plan my schedule to be. The focus will be on max strength as well because it greatly benefits acc. and standing vert.

Monday-Acc. Training, since the focus is on a better 40 time, i see no reason to go past 50m, and a focus on that initial burst. 6-8x30m, 5-6x50m
Bounds, Skips
Max Strength Work in the Weightroom

Tuesday-Day for Recovery, Tempo Running-10x100m@65%, need to loose bodyfat, Tehcnique work for Start and Vert

Wednesday-Instead of SE could I do short hills with incomplete rests?, or do the 20yd shuttle here? otherwise-2-3x150m
Skips and Bounds
Upper Body Weights

Thursday-Another Recovery/Fat Loss Day-10x100m@65% and Technique work

Friday-Do I really need max V work? I thought maybe I could do reaction drills?
Plyo In the weightroom(Depth Jumps and Box Jumps)

Saturday-I norm play basketball this day, could this serve as tempo?


On Tempo days I plan on including core work and push ups between runs. On Sprint days there will be core work as well, I think this is an important area to punish for good performance.

As the combine gets closer, strength work volume will be decreased, tempo work cut in half, and the week of(its on a Sat), Friday will be taken off and there will be no SE on Wed, possibly still work on technique though…

Thoughts? This is to get max reps on 225 bench, VL, 40, and 20yd shuttle

You probably don’t need to do any SE work. The 20 yd shuttle is essentially acceleration work.

Friday-Do I really need max V work?

Depends on how good you maxV is and how long you accelerate. A good sprinter should be accelerating at least through 40 yards, but football players, especially the big guys, may top out earlier. If this is the case, then throw in some flying 20s to help address this. If you can get some electronic splits of your 40 time at 10, 20 and 30 yards we can determine what you need to work on. Note that hand times are pretty much useless for this purpose.

I would substitute start work for special endurance. The start is what makes or breaks the 40.

hmm alright, so where could i put 20 yard shuttles? I do acc. work on mondays, can i do it twice a week? my feeling was this would be too stressful…I was thinking that, doing a little max V work but not a full blown workout for it. But other than that it looks good? Thanks, I have two combines so I can get all that stuff from the first one I guess, but my strong point is def my acc., im with our fastest 100 guy up to 30-35(i could stay with him a little longer but im too heavy).

No track, raining like crazy
Full Squats-got up to 365 for 3RM, stayed there and did some singles with incomplete rest
Single Leg Squats-2x5 w/ 85lb DB’s
For Abs did bows-2x10
and Russian Twists-2x10

Raining and thundering outside. Did tempo with the jump rope.
Jog til sweat
Inch Worm
Technique for start

Jump rope 30 sec, do sit ups and push ups for 30sec, x10, 1 min rest every three, the last set is 4 however. Felt good, but still pretty sore in my quads and glutes.

Tomm-upper body weights, more core work, reaction work conditioning.

I like your jump rope sit-up push up combo…i’m gonna borrow it!

Legs too sore to do the movement drills, couldnt even do dynamic work afta an extensive warm up.

Upper Body Weights
DB Bench Press-70x5, 75x5, 80x5, 2x85x5
Tate Presses-3x40x5
Standing DB Shoulder Press-3x60x5
Pull Ups-3xbodyweightx5

Raining hard outside…damn…
Single Leg Squats
Dimel D/L’s
G-H Raises
Ab Circuit

Lost a couple of pounds, and my vert is still pretty good even after this leg session(i just like to jump lightly at the balcony in my hall, its edges is around 10ft, mayb an inch or two lower) and I could hit it so that makes me happy. We’ll see on friday when i do combine drills.

Did a lot of start technique and running technique work, then did circuits
2x4x(30sec burpees, 30sec abs, 30sec push ups) w/ 1 min between each rep and 2 min between sets. Good workout, didnt burn me out at all but good cardio.

Hamstrings still sore, knee kind of hurting. Hit the weights then the track with our only state qualifier in the 100
Weight Room
DB Bench-1x10x50, 1x5x80, 3x5x85
Tate Presses-3x5x40
DB Rows-3x5x85
Wide Grip Lat Pull Downs-3x5x185?
RC Work-3x5x35

Went outside and did a combine basically.
Ran 2x40m(started behind my friend by 3m, tied him on both, he could beat me in a 100 because of better top speed, speed endurance, and less body fat, ran a 4.7 40 a couple years ago so im thinkin my 40 is getting better)
2 standing vert jumps-Got decently high, hamstring hurt after the second one so cooled down and called it a day, but im feeling a 32in+ vert

Took today as rest, Ap test tomm, and also for the combine i had to adjust the schedule.

Felt great in the morning even though I didn’t get to bed until 11, couldnt fall asleep. I feel like i killed my AP exam, at least a 4, maybe a 5. Ended at 11:30 so rolled out of there and we all went to Quizno’s and chilled there until 12:30, dropped my friend off and got home at quarter to one. Heres what I did for workout today.

Running-felt good to be doing it again
1.8x30m hills-These felt very fast, all of them, effortless and like I was flying and very relaxed. I think all of the technique work I have been doing is definately paying off. On the start however, I push with both my back and front foot, and the problem was that I was slipping because it tore the grass out. Ill take it as a good sign of strength and drive. Took 4min or more for breaks

2.Wanted to do 50m runs, but the hill didnt go up that high and I didnt have a level surface to run them on. If I was going to do them probably would have been 3x50m

3.I decided since horizontal power is associated wit acc, Id do my horizontal plyo’s on acc. day, low volume as sprinting itself and my oly’s are plyometric.
2x30yard bound
2x5 long jumps(covered 15 yards for a set of 5, resetting after each jump)
2xstanding triple jump, i think the poor distance was a factor of this being my first time, i think as i get used to it and learn the form ill get better.

Tomm will be weights

Did sprints, was flying, i could feel it, when i got to the top of the hill i let my head up and just took off, it felt like i wasnt even hitting the ground. Im looking forward to a great 40 time! Did lower volume today since combine is thursday and I dont have the recovery abilities of an elite athletes, so two days before might be too stressful. And my philosophy has become stagnation in one mode of exercise does not necesarily mean it isnt still benefiting sprinting, as long as times continue to go down, why change?

Acc. Trianing
Warm Up-A lot of technique work, 1st step practice
1x30yard bounds
1x5standing long jumps(reset after each)
1x3 standing triple jump(much faster and further)
Cool Down

Tomm in the weight room will do a low volume heavy upper body workout. Probably single to a near max at least.

Did bench to hype the nervous system up for the combine on thursday. I really hope I run a good 40 time, although I plan to be tested again at the ends of the summer and have those numbers sent out to scouts.

Bench Press
Abs-100 reps

This blows, the combine never got my form and check…So I ran a coupld timed 50m…results, 50m=6.33, 6.3, is this good? What kind of 55m and 60m times does this translate into? Thanx.

Not sure of the time translation. Sorry to hear of the flub. Keep training hard.