Just wanted 2 know peoples’ thoughts on using colostrum through their pre-season to trim the body fat. ??

Too expensive for my taste. I am not rich enough to try it out consistently.

Change your name to ltruett#2 or something since I came out first.

60 g a day will work…again, we need prices to come down. Hoping Zepp might be able to help us here.

If you get the right brand of colostrum it works. I saw marked improvements in strength using a quality brand

You don’t need 65g per day. You can take less than that and still get the benefit, mainly around immune system stuff though. Most of the talk about increases in IGF etc is still that certain. I am selling it for $70 NZ, which is probably about $47 US. If you take 10g per day it will last 2 months. Of course there will also be postage and packing etc.

I have been taking it, am training great, (benched 140kg yesterday) and am not getting sick. :slight_smile:

You don’t even need 10g per day…the brand im taking you can take between 1.5g and 5g depending on what type of athlete you are…bodybuilder, sprinter etc…

Sounds like you guys haven’t read the studies…

Where can i find out more information over colostrum?

my physiology lecturer is/has been involved in many clostrum studies.
Dr J Buckley (university of health sciences South Australia)

i had a chat to him about colostrum. He was involved in one of the clasic colostrum studies where 60g per day was used, but he feels as though that level saturated the mechanism responsible for the improvements noted (increased vert etc) apparently the experimant was repeated at 50g/day and then at 30g /day with similar results. He said a study is now underway at the university of queensland using 10g/day but results wont be published until early next year (hopefully)

if you have any specific questions re it, pass them on and ill ask him if you like

I guess I need a study to contradict what my body tells me.

Wait a minute; I must be experiencing the placebo effect…

Yea, I guess we don’t need science to back up claims… :eek:

I get your point, no argument with it. I am not sure the body of literature has developed to the point where we know the whole picture regarding it. Possibly the way it is manufactured has a major impact? Dr. Serrano first made that point and upon incorporating it into training I noticed a major difference. It has worked very well for me in small doses. His view is the way it is manufactured effects the potency, I agree.

I am not sure any studies have taken this into account? From a scientific point of view, the jury may still be undecided regarding the issue. In light of that our alternate choice of action is to go off of the effects we feel and see.