Collin's Training Journal

I’m going to try to keep this updated, here are my stats. My events are 110 hurdles/ and 300 hurdles. I am an 18 year old senior in high school.

-6 feet tall

-185 pounds

-110 hurdles PR-15.00 (2007, JO nationals after soph year)

-300 hurdles PR- 39.93 (Sectional meet of junior year, went over half of the hurdles with my off leg, I can’t really alternate…yet. smashed one so hard with my off leg that i broke it

-10’3" standing long jump
-36 inch VJ
-315 pound Bench press (about a week ago)
-500 pound Deadlift (about a week ago)

Jog 2 Laps
Hurdle drills/walkovers
5x2Hurdles spaced in 2 feet
4x3Hurdles spaced in 2 feet
4 stadiums

3x standing double leg triple jump
3x10 “calf jumps”
3x10 depth jumps

4x4 Squat @ 395
4x4 Bench @ 285 (missed 4th rep on set # 2&4)

3x6 superset
Leg extensions@135
Poor mans glute ham raise

2x6 superset
Lat pulldowns(front)@225
Seated Rows@180

3x8 handstand pushups


Ab Wheel-10 reps
Fence Drills-(Trail Leg/Lead Leg)x10 each

-Jog 2 laps
-A skips, B skips, Butt kicks, running A’s
-Hurdle drills- 3 times each leg(lead leg, trail leg, walkover, 1 step)
-1 set of 10 times through 5 hurdles @ 6 yard spacing

Speed Endurance
-4x30m starts
-3x300m w/ a 10 min rest in between (38.5, ?, 42.?) i was dead on that last one, didn’t go out hard

-Incline Press- 4x4@245-missed 4th rep on set #2, missed 3rd rep on set #3 and 4. 4 clapping pushups after each set

-Deadlift-I had planned 4x4 @ 455. missed rep #4 on the 1st set. decided to drop all leg work for the day. i had planned ham curls, leg extensions, and goodmornings

-Lat Pulldowns(back)-2x6@210
Seated Rows-2x6@180

-3x8 handstand pushups

-bridges, 10 ab roller, Lead leg/trail leg fence drills

On the first 300 I started all out. I kinda died towards the end. On the 2nd and 3rd, my hams were hurting from lactic acid and i didn’t start out full speed. In the weight room, my upper body strength was good, but my legs felt far from my full strength. Will someone help me figure out how to structure my weight program now that I am beginning SE? I have all my workouts except tempo ones since 11-11-08 logged meticulously if they are needed for reference.

More notes- I feel like I have way more speed than I ever have, and I think that breaking 11.0 in the 100 should not be very difficult if I establish proper SE first. My best 300m last year was 37.1, so 38.5 on my first SE session of the year is acceptable to me. The strength of my race has always been the start. I think I should get into the 35’s comfortably this year.

On a side note, I have a sty. It becomes “engorged” with blood when I lift weights. I am afraid of exacerbating it, but I’m not going to miss any workouts because of some eye problem. What should I do?


-Hurdle Drills-Trail leg/lead leg against the fence

I had planned to do my regular speed work and weight today, but I decided to do weights today and speed tomorrow as the temp. outside was sub 25 degrees this afternoon.

Bench Press-4x4@285
ATG Squat-4x4(315,325,315,355)not very heavy; i was kind of just experimenting w/ the lower depth. Could’ve gone heavier, but didn’t want to tax my legs too heavily as I still have to do speed tomorrow.

(6x pull ups, 6x seated rows@195, 6x overhead press w/ 135)x 3 sets

3x(6x RDL @ (325, 325, 355), 6x leg extensions)

Not sure about the eye problem. I’d make sure to see whether or not this could have a harmful effect in the long run.

3x2H-spaced in 2 feet
5x3H-spaced in 2 feet
1x4H-spaced in 2 feet

Speed Work
-3xEFE, 3xFEF
-4x30m starts
-4 stadiums(i did these after my plyos)

-3x standing leg triple jump(at least 10 yards e/)
-3x10 calf jumps
-10 box jumps to shoulder height box, then
depth drop off of it

*after i did my plyos and ran 4 stadiums, i wanted to do some more hurdles, so i did 10 times through 5 hurdles 5 stepping.


Notes- I feel like I need to work harder. My lead leg is a bit too straight. my trail leg is a little wide and doesnt come through completely before I bring it down. I’m working on my lead arm which I have a tendency to carry too high. And I also am working on not ducking my head going over the hurdle. When I don’t duck my head I feel like my snapdown isn’t as powerful, but maybe I just need to become accustomed to it as it is most likely all in my head.

do you guys think i should drop weights on friday, as i am beginning SE? this Wednesday my lower body strength wasn’t there. How and when should I structure my weights to let my SE begin to progress?


5x2H (spaced in 2 feet)
5x3H (spaced in 2 feet)

Speed Work
-Starts, 3x EFE, 3x FEF
-4x30m (raced my friend who is usually faster than me, gave him 2 to 3 yards on every one)
-4x60m (raced my friend on the first two, gave him 3+ meters on them. on the 4th one i started one meter and a half behind the the start line, we had the finish line about a meter and a half past 60 meters, he stopped it a little late off a 3 count command, and i ran 7.6. so that was really like a 63m dash @ the end of the workout
-4xstadiums (after plyos)

-3x standing double leg triple jump
-3x10 calf jumps
-3x10 depth jumps

-Back Squats(parallel)-4x4@405-4 squat jumps after each set
-Bench Press-4x4@290-4 clap pushups after each set (i missed 4th rep on set 1 and 2, missed 3rd on 3 and 4)

-Leg Extensions-3x6@180
-Poor mans GHR-3x6@ BW

-Lat Pulldowns(Front)-2x6@225
-Seated Rows-2x6@180
-Military Press-3x6@155

20 Captains Char
30 12lb. medball situps +3 negatives
3x15 second seated running
3x15 second run in place
calf raises/toe raises-3x10
“ledge stepdowns”-3x10
10 lunges

Notes- the temp outside @ the track was mid 40’s.
Bridgesx15 seconds each way
Glute activation exercise-10 each leg
10 glute locks

I haven’t done one of my school coaches workouts since before the christmas holiday break. I have been milking an injury that has long healed. i skip practice @ school and go home to train. I have done this the whole new year. I know it helps because my friend that I was training with today is a 15"6 pole vaulter, 2 time state champ, and is normally faster than me. I was burning him today. All he does is my coach’s workouts. I skip my coach’s practices because my coach makes us do long distance aerobic runs, or Speed Endurance runs every day, never short speed. He forbids me to lift weights, which i do anyway. I get injured when I follow his advice. We have done “speed work” only about 3 times since August. I have been considering quitting school track, training myself, and competing unattatched. Any thoughts? How do colleges look upon this?

I’m actually doing this right now. I first recomend taking a serious look as to whether you have the ability to manage your own schedule (maybe find an outside coach). Then I would contact all the colleges you are thinking about running at and ask them their opinion, in most cases it is fine especially if you state that you coach was getting you injured. Then make sure that their will be unattached competitions in your area, there are quite a few in mine so I am lucky. If you have any questions feel free to post on my log or pm me. Good Luck!


Bridges x 15 seconds each way
(5 hurdles)-3 times through walkovers ea/ leg
3xthrough each leg(5 hurdles)- one step drill
glute lock-10
glute activation exercise-10
hurdle lead leg/trail leg fence drill x 10 ea/ leg
ab wheel-10 reps

1x8x6hurdles@ 6 yard spacing

Speed Endurance
3x250m-(during first one i felt my right hamstring tighten up a lot. i almost stopped but decided to finish. i kind of hobbled the last 100 meters and hobbled across in 32.4. My hammy now hurts just walking around the house. I scrapped the other two 250’s because jogging wasn’t exactly painless.

-planned to do 4 stadiums, did 1

planned to do some incline and maybe some lower body accessory stuff. i was pissed about my hamstring and i decided i wanted some high intensity stimulus as i have decided to wait until monday to resume training. i maxed out on bench nearly got 325. got it half way up and then stalled. i will now do tempo thurs-sat. then rest monday. what do yall think about this plan?

i was surprised that i nearly hit 325 today because i benched on monday, 290 for 4 sets (3,3,2,2)reps. ill re-max on monday when i come back, and im sure i will do more than 325

Rest- I am resting my hamstring

10x100m easy tempo