There isn’t really a discussion here about Collegiate athletics, but that’s no matter! Because I will start one.

Post away about anythin you’d like to post about.

But I’d like anyone to share any experiences they’ve had with Berkeley or Davis, those two schools are looking to be my biggest prospective colleges.

I did my undergraduate at UC San Diego, but i knew people at both places.

What do you want to know?

The bay area is much nicer place to live than the central valley, in my opinion. (And this is coming from someone who hates cities). I don’t really know about the track team berkeley, but i know some people who were/are on Davis’s team.

On a lighter note, if you go to berkeley, you can harass Charlie when berkeley wins the big game yet again :slight_smile: (he went to Stanford, their big rival) :slight_smile: .

What do you want to do academically? That determined my college choices more than anything.

Right now I’m split between doing an Excercise Phys degree (the rarest major in the whole damn country) and molecular biology. I’m fascinated by the workings of the body and just life in general. But also a pretty big factor in my deciding is the location of my lady’s school. She goes to Mills College in the heart of Oakland, so I’d perfer a northern/bay area school to an out of state school. My coach’s dad Coached at BYU for a number of years, so he knows coaches at both schools and I’m going to get in contact with them both soon.

Just a prudent warning, having followed a girl to where I am now (and could’ve been someplace different/better) — let that be an “icing on the cake” thing, not the thing.

Can’t go wrong with Cal Berkely… amazing research college. I would’ve killed to go someplace that beautiful and being a cali resident is tantamount to giving yourself a 10 grand scholarship.
Good friend of mine at davis has become a granola eating ceramic pot design hippie. Was a techno geek wrestler in HS with me. Clearly, there was an effect. If you like Sac-town/want to work there, by all means, but Berkely was much more impressive to me.

bay area is beautiful.

DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT base your choice on where you girlfriend goes. DON’T. Things may look a certain way now, but college changes everything… big time, whether you want to or not. I don’t mean to be harsh here, but out of everyone I know in high school and college, I can think of ONE couple who made it through the transition and they’re actually the the same school now. ONE.

I rejected the school my boyfriend at the time was attending, and sure it sucked and was sad but it would not have been smart to shape my life around what someone else was doing.

Personally I would pick berkely over davis. what kind of running have they got at each?

Berkeley has got to be great, the teach a class on Pink Floyd and their album Dark Side of the Moon :smiley: , that is frickin’ awesome!

Personally I like “The Wall” by Pink Floyd just as much if not more than Dark Side of the Moon.

College is what you make of it…be a Bear though. Mike Bottom!

unfortunately i have to agree here. im not gonna go into details though.

Wow, I didn’t expect so many responses, thanks guys (and gal) :D.

Having lived in SF and been to the Berkeley campus, I’d go there. Reasons:

It’s a very good school (not saying Davis isn’t).

Don’t know if Berkely is more interesting than Davis, but SF is gonna be more interesting than excremento. Even though SF ain’t what it used to be.

More stuff generally in Bay Area, as opposed to being in the middle of nowhere in Davis.

OTOH, there’s a higher chance of getting killed, either in SF or Oakland :eek: (hint: avoid the MacArthur BART at night).