College Team's Workouts

Alright my college coach posted our workouts for next week (our first week back) online. I am curious about your thoughts. The typical week runs Mon-Fri, so this is just moved over 1 day for Tues-Sat. This is for the male short sprinters, prs around 11.0.

Week 12 Tuesday
January 2, 2007
Warm-up: Dynamic Flex
2 sets 5 x 150m
Rest: 4min between reps, 8min between sets
Target Times: Men: 12.5-14.5 per 100 (18.5-22sec per rep)

Week 12 Wednesday
January 3, 2007
Warm-up: Dynamic Flex
Workout: Reaction and Hurdle Mobility
4 x tower stairs (focus on form),
Hill sprints (50-75m) x 15 max (until drop off is causing problems)
Rest: Walk down the hill

Week 12 Thursday
January 4, 2007
Warm-up: Dynamic Flex
Workout: Handoffs

Week 12 Friday
January 5, 2007
Warm-up: Dynamic Flex
Workout: Plyometrics
Sets of 60, 70, 80 meters
Set1: 95% w/ 4min rest

  • 5min rest between sets
    Set2: 95% w/ 4min rest
  • 5min rest between sets
    Set3: 90% w/ 1min rest
  • 3min rest between sets
    Set4: 90% w/ 1min rest
  • 3min rest between sets
    Set5: 90% w/ 1min rest

Week 12 Saturday
January 6, 2007
Warm-up: Dynamic Flex

8 x 200 Rest: Start a repeat every 2min
Target Times: Men: 16-18 per 100 (32-36sec per rep)


If you never go at 100% how do you improve speed?

I have heard that some coaches will specify 95% or 98% intensity in order to keep sprinters from training tight. I.e running at 95% allows relaxed sprinting which is important for speed.

Not sure. I think the 95% work can help if you are simply running fast and relaxed (which may end up 2 95%), but who knows.

You can obviously improve speed by running at less than 100% but I don’t see why you wouldn’t have 100% running in your program.

Other factors I noted were that there is middle intensity running on Tuesday and Friday. I’m not sure what this will accomplish.

For the tempo workout 8 x 200’s, the rest breaks are quite long. You might want to keep them under a minute to get the desired training effect.

if he could he would, but he has 0 control over workouts.

Actually, I agree with you. I was just attempting to justify what his coach may be thinking. Running at 100% and trying to run at 100% are different things, no?

I’d be seriously pissed if one of my athletes posted a workout i gave them and asked people to question it without knowing anything about me or our situation. I’d be mad because people wouldn’t get where i was coming from at that moment; time, talent, facilities, equipment, effort of kids, etc.
I don’t mean this to sound mean, really i don’t. As a coach, I’m just saying how i would feel.

Good post, I’d be pissed also. Charlie often finds his work all over the place without his knowledge. We’re catching up though.


Would you like I post other weeks? As I said, this is for male short sprinters w/ prs ranging from 10.9-11.2fat. Very cold weather, but we have a decent indoor track that we use anyway (200m flat track, 6 lanes around, 8 lanes for the straight away).

Please read my post over. I didn’t state any names (person or institute), so if you don’t want to comment, then don’t. I’m asking about the workouts. To be honest, this is quite an improvement from previous weeks with some speed work being done now w/ not terrible recoveries (4mins, but not terrible like 1min or something).

EDIT: Not that it matters, but I have spoken with my coach before and told him that I have discussed our workouts with others and he had no complaints, so back on topic please.