college in u.s.a

hi, i dont really understand how the system works in the u.s.a
my pb is 10.59sec is that good enough to run at college and if so can you guys recommend any. more based on the best coach’s then academics.


Here’s a few to look at. These are some big name coaches…I’m sure there are many hidden gems that I’m unaware of at other schools.

University of Florida- Mike Holloway & Dan Pfaff
University of South Carolina- Curtis Frye
Duke- Jeff Howser

A naive question…is the US college sports scholarsip system all it’s made out to be? I know a lot depends upon the school but I’m talking in general terms.

Bud-Mike, please don’t take this the wrong way but my main advice would be to focus on an education, yes strive to be the best athlete you can and get the best coaching but never sacrifice education for it. (I can’t help myself with the father talk stuff, I have kids :smiley: )

Not a father, but I would advise exactly the same!

Portland State University- Coach Kebba Tolbert

University of Miami- Coach JJ Hunter

and many others like JU and GSU. What you do with what you get!

Definitely a case of “Let the Buyer Beware”. One athlete that I’m coaching right now went to a NCAA div 1 school and the coach assured him that his original coach would have input and the workouts would be tailored to what works for him. Of course, once he got there, he was lumped in with all the other cattle and he got slower.

Research, research, research… And, as was said before, at least get a good education.

Agreed with the thoughts about education first.

thanks for all your input. must appreciated. i have already completed a diploma of health science in australia, so i do have something to fall back on.

is it just a matter a emailing these colleges?

would going to a college that is not a div 1 mean you might get more attention as an athlete, then as you say been thown in with the cattle!!!

If it isn’t D1, you chances of getting a full ride is very slim. Just emailing is not going to do much if they cannot confirm the results, meet with you, hear about you, or anything. It isn’t that simple of just emailing them and getting a full scholarship (that won’t happen). It could get them some interest and if you somehow made an official visit and showed them you might get some money, but it really isn’t that easy. I met a foreigner who got offers for track… but he was European Junior Champion in triple jump and he only got 3 or 4 full ride offers. I know people who were on the Portugues national team for soccer and people who were top 10 for juniors in Europe and none got any more than a letter except for the TJ champ.

Even then, you’ll have an incredibly tough time getting a full ride anywhere. A guy from my area ran 10.65FAT last year in only his 2nd season of track (injured the year before) and he got an offer from only one local D1-AA school and it’s not even a full ride (half I believe).