But Salwa gets a pass. Money talks.

I’m going to miss watching his starts and early acceleration.
Maybe he could race the fastest ppl of Social Media hype.
NFL, MLB, Soccer, etc.
Then the world can see for themselves how fast 6.3 for 60m really is.

She wasnt on social media acting like she was the shit. I hear coleman was missing tests to go to chitpole. I think he got the big head and it bit him. Now he can juice up for 2 years

Agreed. After 3 missed tests and then back to two when the one was thrown out…he should have been discussing what to do should it happen again. Nope! Talking shit on SM about ppl instead. He dug himself into a huge hole by not being prepared and of course, playing with Fire.
Unbelievable story for being innocent.
Also, remember him so fucking eager to find a drug tester after his WR in the 60m. Looked funny as hell to me.

NO biggie - I’m sure most countries will pull out of next yr games.

Agee Balance, could not believe the stupidity and complete lack of accountability. It was only the technicality that got him off before Worlds I.e. the backdating of the first missed test to the start of April. you would think a normal person would have taken a good hard look in the mirror after this - either pretty dumb, or incredibly arrogant.