coleman missing drug tests

also hear lyles and baker in the hot seat also

Dang. Thanks for the link.

9.80 is the new 10.00.

Did you guys read some of the replies on this? It’s hilarious imho.


Listen to 4.57 - he got drug tested while chilling with his gf. Jon Drummond laid down the facts…

What did drummond say?

I emailed you the screenshots since I can never attach files on this site.

Got it.

Yes, the system does not favor the athletes. Drug testing is extremely lucrative. It’s a win / win for WADA and for USADA.

The athletes are treated like second class citizens.

It’s a good question as well. Why is USADA and WADA not speaking to one another and why are athletes subjected to double testing on the same day?

Why did the athletes leave practice only to discover they had to hustle back, creating panic for them etc?

It’s not reasonable to treat athletes in this way.