Cod Liver Oil

Anyone here use CLO?
I know it has high levels of Vits. A and D.
Anyone using it at the minute?

I just use flax seed oil, the omega 3’s of which being converted to those in CLO when the body desires. I get the vits from other sources.

How much Flax do use a day Richard?

Around 7g at the moment. This is worked out by the recommended 15-20% total calories consumed as fat for ‘optimum health’ as stated by Udo Erasmus and then the ratio of 1:1:1 saturates : monounsaturates : polyunsaturates and 2:1 ratio of omega 6:3 as recommened by Udo Eramus. I do usually get more than 20% cal as fat though.
Athletes could take more than this amount of omega 3’s especially in times of injury or if loading up after being with less than adequate intake of omega 3’s for some time.

I use it and I think its great. I’m not taking a multi now, and am just taking it vitamin by vitamin. I use 2 teaspoons of CLO as my Vit. D. source. Its really cheap too; I got two big bottles from iherb and that’s lasted me at least 4 months.

Man - you’re tough - I hate the taste of it.

You should try the lemon from Carlson’s. It tastes sort of like tasty Fantastik. But when I just put it in my mouth and down it with some water I don’t find its a problem.

Sorry … ?
What is that a favour of CLO or something?

Yeah, lemon-flavored CLO from Carlson’s.

OK, Thanks for that -
I’ll have a look out for that over here or see if there is something similar.

CLO? lame.

how about natural peanut butter instead?

I use CLO mainly as a vitamin D supplement, but I think it also helps me a bit with my 6:3 ratio.