coconut oil in lue of flax oil?

i am quite pleased with the use of coconut oil- my question is could i replace my use of flax oil completely in favor of coconut oil, olive oil, and almonds?
reason- i have a surplus of coco oil, and i really cant afford to stock up on flax oil? id be willing to add natty peanut butter if i had to…

Unfortunately, you need omega 3s in your diet. I love consuming coconut oils straight but it’s much better to have everything than just coconut oils only which is mostly saturated fat unlike flax oil, hemp oil, Udo’s, fish oil. You DO NEED fish oils (EPA/DHA) for health benefits. It’s just a few grams a day. The biggest problem is that the way the food are grown and processed, the ratio of omega 6s to 3s are all screwed up. It should be as close as 1:1 but the average is 20:1, in some cases it can be as high as 50:1!!! The EASIEST way to keep the ratio down is by totally giving up refined vegetable oils of any sources such as canola, corn, soybean, and others. The rest… well it costs $$$ to switich to grassfed cows for beefs, milk, raw butter, etc unless you find a local farmer that you can buy directly from for decent price. Same thing for eggs! The yolks should be orange rather than yellow, again make a deal with a local farmer that actually does feed them the right way. The commerical eggs, milk, beef, etc are the worst. At least, go with organic stuff that you see at the stores which should be better due to lack of hormones, etc. I take flax oil one or two TBS a day just to keep the ratio of omega 3s to 6s in check. I take 3 TBS of coconut oils a day and use extra virgin olive oils mixed with vinegar for raw veggies only.

what do you think of coconut milk? good post…Fish oils are the key.

I’ve never tried coconut milk, just the oil ones from tropical traditions where i got from. I don’t think they even sell the coconut milk.

I’ve also read that to take fish oils, you need to supplement with full spectrum vitamin E, not just the regular ones that you see at the stores. Apparently, it’s more potent antioxidant. it’s just to keep the free radicals under control produced by polyunsaturated fatty acids like fish oils, flax oils and vegetable oils which is why everybody should avoid refined vegetable oils at all costs since they do not need that much PUFA!

i have fish oils caps as well… i can take as many as i need to, to even out my fats… ill post the ingredients of my fish oils so i can get some feedback as to the proportions i should be getting with my other fats…keep this post going. i often get confused on proper fat proportions

ingrediants on my fish oils…
1 softgel
natural fish oil concentrate-1000mg

theses are certainly not top notch. i eat alot of tuna and salmon though.
im trying to balance out my fats from the sources im eating regularly-coconut oil, olive oil, almonds, egg yolks, trace amounts of saturates from food sources, fish oil-from supp’s and fish meat

Clemson, besides Sears Lab which brands of fish oil do you recommend? Is there a cheaper viable alternative?

What’s the benefit of consuming coconut oil or it’s milk?

I enjoy coconut milk, but I treat it as a vice, not as part of an athletes diet. I can drink a whole can at a time easily, but it usually comes straight through me. I tend to consume smaller amounts and consume it slowly.

6oz of coconut oil is enough per serving! the vile but virgin article for the benefits. Lauric acid works…

what would be the optimal food/otherwise choice to accompany a serving of coconut oil?

How much coconut milk should one consume each day? And are there any particular brands that we should be going for, or will any brand do?

coco gem…goya is not that bad…two servings a day is plenty!

so anyone come up with the optimal meal in which to consume the coconut oil?
should you use it in a protein+fat meal-if so which protein combo would be the best choice?

I personally like heating up some extra coconut oil in a pan (about 2 1/2 tbsp. extra) and leaving 1 tbsp. in, drinking the extra and then cooking 4 eggs in the remaining coconut oil. In fact, I think I’m going to have one of those omelettes right now…with some cheese and onions.

I always have a whey protein shake and a spoonful of coconut oil (semisolid) that i eat straight up before workout in the morning. It seems to work well for me. It’s usually my first meal of the day. I usually use organic butter for cooking. Whatever I’m in the mood i guess. I usually take 2 tbs of coconut oil a day, 1 tbs of Udos a day, 2-4 capsules of fish oil (need to up that) a day, and plently of extra olive oil as dressing for my big ol salad. Oh yeah about 1 tbs of organic butter a day for cooking (probably get only 1/4 of it).

Carlson’s fish oil! I’m gonna try the liquid bottle. It’s lemon flavored and frankly, I’m tired of taking 100 capsules a day! (not really but you know what i mean). I’ve read reviews and they say it tastes good so why not give it a try! 100 person says 100 different brands. it’s frustrating when they do that. Do some searching. I found a place with decent price for a big bottle but lost it in my old computer when it croaked of old age. will have to start over :frowning:

Found a place…

Yet another place with cheaper price…

Seriously considering this Vitamin E Complex …

As far mixed tocopherols go, do they need to be taken each and every time you take fish oil, or will a certain amount cover you for the entire day? Anybody use the product advertised on Mercola’s website?

so anyone come up with the optimal meal in which to consume the coconut oil?should you use it in a protein+fat meal-if so which protein combo would be the best choice?

Coconut milk and bsl anti-catabolic blend-


coconut milk curry with chicken-

Vitamin E is fat soluble so it stays in the body alot longer compared to water soluble vitamins like C and B complex. I probably would take Vit E with first meal containing enough fat, probably saturated ones to help with the absorption of Vit E. That’s probably when you should take first dose of fish oil. I always take fish oil with meal containing fat preferably saturated type for optimal absorption of fish oil. I think I read about it somewhere…