Coconut Milk

I ran out of coconut oil the other day so I bought some canned coconut milk at the grocery store. It’s damn good, and it tastes like a coconut milkshake. I’m gonna start mixing this stuff with my oatmeal, rice and all sorts of stuff. Go check it out…

Goya or Taste of Thai? I use coconut milk powder as I find it easier to mix with stuff.

how does coconut milk compare to coconut oil as far as anticatabolic benifits? Which is better, oil?

I might have to pick that up too…

Same composition pretty much, it’s mostly all good saturated fat. If you take either of them, you won’t get hungry as often and you won’t have the large fluctuations in blood sugar.

I thought the oil is better than the milk… I forget the exact reasons but… anyone?

I don’t know about oil vs. milk, but when buying cans of milk I check the ingredients to make sure there is no K metabisulfate (or something like that) and try to get pure coconut milk. There are a few readily available brands without this preservative, listed on ingredients atleast.


first let’s talk about oatmeal and fat combos…even the steel cut oats will reslease some insulin and fat might have a storage problem. I suggest you use micellar casein with coconut milk mkbc99 has valid points but I am not familar with that information. I just know what brands have lauric acid and what are crap.

If anyone wants to sample a prototype of my newly invented anticatabolic blend of lauric acid peptide bonded protein feel free to u2u me. I am not selling this online yet since the legal process sucks with new formulations. I think the oil is great for cooking but the milk and cream products are very tasty. I remember 7 years ago we were using egg protein powder and oil with some fruit and it worked well but the formula was way off and improved so much over time…

What’s your opinion on coconut milk powder from NWF? It’s the most convinent for me compared to milk or oil. You mentioned Cocogem, Taste of Thai and Goya in the past… Still recommend them?

That milk sure does taste good. It’s like eating a cream dessert with nutritional benefits.

BTW, you can get coconut milk at oriental grocery stores for low prices.

How much do you use per shake?

Wilderness family naturals has a coconut powder that mixes well with a blender but is not exactly shaker bottle ready. The product is very cheap for the quality but remember that this stuff will not last long after what happend over in asia.

When taking it I suggest using a cocogem milk container with your cooler and use the powder for at home. While the reverse should be true for practical reasons, the powder doesn’t break down well since it is a fat and hydrophobic. The lab guys at work used a process from nano techs and the taste is dreamy and far more effective for preventing catabolism then just micellar casein and coconut milk powder.

What do people think about Tropical Traditions?

Stay away from Tropical Traditions…the stuff is rancid and severely bleeched. The key of getting good food is finding better options with the same money and time…having Alaskan salman flash frozen and sent sonic air (300 dollars) is not a good option for 95% of the population.

I feel sorry for those people that buys coco oil from TT… I think Mercola even recommends it and there’s a yahoo group where people go for some advices on how to take the oils from TT.

I’m a bit surprised by the TT comments. So who do I get my coconut oil from? Backing up a bit, what do people think of Mercola?

I normally use about half a can(200 ml) twice a day.

I’ve found that NOW has the best tasting virgin coconut oil. I don’t like the taste of tropical traditions but I’m forced to order it sometimes. The NOW stuff I order from takes forever to get to me here in Canada.

I’d make Mercola my doctor, no doubt. Good doctors that aren’t hell bent on prescribing drugs are hard to find these days. He offers good information regarding health. He truly believes in the power of healing from natural foods and pretty much is against drugs for the most part when dealing with chronic illness. I usually go to as the starting point to look up on something and go from there before making my decisions because i don’t trust most of the doctors to do anything right.

Could someone post the nutritional content. I found some oil in the store but theres 22 grams of sugar per serving but it does say Coco Goyo on the label. I don’t know if that is high or not and I don’t want to be taking in that much sugar.