coconut milk

I remember one of the guys mentioning cocnut milk being good for recovery or something similar, does anyone have a link to information on this? I believe it was clemson

thank you

go to my site and the search tool for coconut milk.

clemson, do you put coconut milk and coconut oil in your shakes at the same time?

Clemson, I just incorporated your grow + coconut milk shake idea in to my diet. Thanks, it tastes great, and is easy to make.

The exact recipe will be up soon…just waiting for a sponsor. And boy is the recipe yummy and effective!

thanks a lot!

great site you have there


what exactly goes into it?. Looking for an idea for a carb free snack. this could be just the ticket! is the cocunut milk just the stuff out of the tin? (I am culinarily-stupid. Sorry)


I get mine out of a can.

It isn’t carb free. However it is fairly low in carbs.

What I have been using is 1/2 can coconut milk and 1.5 scoops chocolate grow, it adds up to 36g protein 36g fat 12g carbs 480 calories.

I am probably off on that though. Clemson said he’ll post the recipe soon though so just be patient.

something doesn’t add up there.
that doesn’t add up.
is 36 g of fat?

i’m interested in trying this, how often do you have this shake?

I have it 1 or 2x per day at present.

It looks like I was off on the calorie count but everything else seems right.

Can? What company? Coconut milk, oil, water, and even cream are all different and contain various amounts of fat, protein, and carbohydrates. Never hold your breath for my posts because I coach and work a real full time job…I don’t know if my site will be up past february. I may consult Charlie on business plans instead of training!

I am using goya cans.

(preparing for clemson smackdown)

smackdown? Not from me.

haha so are you saying there is no problem with goya cans?

I don’t have extra time to donate my energy to it. :frowning:

clemson, what kind do you use?

i’m pretty sure clemson recommends this company

yeah thats the stuff, the one from south pacific is the one i got…its good stuff

Athlete 400,

make sure the all of the ingredinets are balanced based on training year, body fat levels, training style, and sport.


Good luck with your training…glad you like the Grow…what else do you add?

Just the milk and the grow,
use it as a protein and fat meal, eat a salad with it normally.

Thanks for the well wishing