cockysprinter hurdling

heres a clip of me hurdling. im in 3rd place in the red. turn your volume down, or youll be unpleasantly surprised by my moms voice. the clip is short, it was taken with a digital camera. my time was a hurricane aided 15.49, my teammate (in second) got 15.44 and the winner got 14.82. this is district prelims and i was trying to save as much energy as i could. it definately isnt my best race, but i thougt it would be interesting to hear what people thought. here is a yousendit link:

The thing that stood out the most to me was the trail leg. I would try to bring it off the the hurdle higher, finishing with the quad parallel to the same direction as the lane.

I see a lot of hurdlers do what you do – try to get the trail leg down too quickly, which results in landing it slightly off line and without much drive into the next step.

In drills and practice runs, pull that trail leg knee up higher under your arm and get the knee directly in front of you before you bring it down. This will help you get more active push off the trail leg on your next step and help ensure that the force is being applied in the right direction (in line rather than diagonally).

This is one aspect of hurdling that is easy to drill because you can do it at low speed in drills as well as in high speed reps.

interesting, i heard a similar comment already. ill see if i can get the clip of my PR race to see if i do the same thing when running my best. i did pay much less attention to my trail leg this season, which could explain it. also i noticed my trail leg doing weird stuff during drills, but i didnt think much of it.

anyone else have thoughts?

It’s kinda hard to see you, and my media player sucks and it keeps skipping so I cant get to the frames I wanna see. Maybe if you posted that other video where you PR’d, and we could get a better view.

yeah the view is much better in my PR race (probably helps that im winning :D), but the problem is my dad has it on his camera and i dont know how to get it onto a comp. ill try and get it for you guys though.

another thing is once i get my toe healed up enough to sprint again, ill be videoing almost all my sessions.