cockysprinter clips

here are some clips of me from practice. any comments are welcome.


20m on curve:


any comments here? i hope the links havent expired…

i’m looking at your 10m clip and slowly running through it then replying.your first step…look at your foot position when it lands–totally flat.from then on it stays the same…you are landing flat which is way in front of your COM leading to delay and breaking action.try to land on the balls of your feet and be much more snappier.

also i think you maybe pushing a little too hard leading to a slight overstride in your SL.instead just run and pump the arms(arm action is fine),the SL will be slightly shorter but will be faster and more effecient.

ive noticed the overstriding thing, but it might be a product of the lack of blocks. i feel naked without them. and im not sure why i land flat footed or close to it either. might be from hurdling. ill try and get some new videos next week. any further comments?

here are some more videos from practice earlier this week:

theyre the 3rd and 6th reps respectively. any thoughts are appreciated.

How much % are u running at in these clips?

come on guys whats a guy gotta do to get some advice around here?

It seems like your arm is coming far too tight of an angle on the upswing at some points (look around 2 seconds) and pretty random in general (sometimes you go up to eye level, others not). It also doesn’t seem like your knee if driving much to your center line (think FloJo).

I think other people should comment on this though before you look to any of my specifics.

thanks for the input. i see what youre saying about arm action, but i dont think i understand your comment about kne drive. it might be bad quality in regards to the arms, or maybe fatigue. i generally bring my arms to face level.