Coca-Cola Blak

Our friends at Coca-Cola sent us a few cases of the brand new blak product today. Although it has been released in other markets (France etc) this marks its Canadian debut.

In a word, this product is amazing. It is essentially an old friend but only coffee infused giving its drinker all the good stuff coffee brings.

We tried it with Bacardi Black and I must say its a taste to behold.

We give it a 10 out of 10. Expect to see this really soon.

So it is not chock full o sugar?

Canadian debut. Its been out in the States for a while now.

For us non-Rummies, Blak is an accurate name.
Pepsi and Vodka guy myself though not together.

Best beverage on the market today,
Concha Y Toro Don Melchor 2003
If you can find it, buy it cause even if you dont drink it, the bottle will double in value in 6 months…

Is it a recreational drink for pubs as a mixer and the like or as a coffee sustitute?

Its sold right along side regular bottles of Coca-Cola in stores…

Thanks … another way to get my buzz

man, i got that stuff right when it came out, i found it disgusting! I let my friends taste it and they thought the same…

Now, since im not an alcohol drinker, I have no idea of what it tastes like with bacardi, etc.

But i just cant see how somebody likes that stuff.

lol, in one word for me… rough!

It is interesting to hear that. The product has been received with good review (with a few exceptions). You can’t drink alot of this stuff, its very rich in taste. It does have 12grams of sugar (to note).

What are the worst sodas to drink while we’re on the subject?


This isn’t very scientific, but everyone I’ve ever known who drank a lot of Mountain Dew seemed very unhealthy. Also, Rock Star is nasty :eek:

That’s easy.

“Tab” another Coke product was sold big-time in the 70’s in the states. A diet cola, it had a wicked Saccharine tablet taste upfront and long after you were done. Nasty stuff.

Now jump ahead. Tab had all but disappeared when this spring, it’s back, and in a Red Bull can / 4 pk., as an energy-style drink.

Short of a can of Petrol flavored Mud with essence of Skunk, “Tab Energy” has to be the all time worst!

Charlie loves tab. Kidding. When I asked him why he was drinking a tab in a vintage football training film he was in, his reply was “thats all they had”. Funny. Tab reminds me of Fresca.


Tab, last time i seen that, my mum was drinking it, back in the late 70’s early 80’s.

Tab was available here in Norway all through the 80’s and 90’s and could still be for all I know. I have a feeling that today Pepsi Max have that part of the market cornered.