I am coaching a highschool aged swim team, and have been “trained” on deck, and feel a lot of the work is pointless for racing. I have been exposed to Ian King’s Theorys and a few of Charlies on training. I am curious if anybody has any good advice, books, videos, or sample workouts besides the typical 5-6k yards a day…


It’s great that you too question the extreme volume that swimmers do, even the sprinters.
Good luck though challenging the hard core beliefs of the swimmers.
Shouldn’t swim season be rapping up pretty soon?
Anyway, I believe that Texas has slighty lower volume approach, I think.
I am interested in this topic though so keep it going. :smiley:

My backbone is a short to long program stolen from Stanford, Auburn, and some small things from Texas and Cal. I suggest reading the human kinetics series, Swimming Fastest by Ernie Mac, and the Auburn series with Dave Marsh.

OF course the CFTS has a strong influence.

I coach a club team, so we practice 11 months out of the year. I’m trying to break out of the mold of the normal training, so I had to get approval to preform a weekly dryland day…(i would like two, but what can you do)


What is your plan? I was and currently have the same issues and will make things work. Perhaps working with existing variables and solve for problems that others overlook or don’t address.

Do you guys have flawless technique?

Do you have great nutrition programs?

Does practice have fun structured?